Did Hamlet Love Ophelia?

Hamlet does not have good relationships with the women in his life, as his life is presented in the famous play. It is possible that one of the reasons why Hamlet is having his mental breakdown in isolation is because of these poor relationships, and this may be due to the frailty of these women, particularly psychologically, that mirrors Hamlet’s own challenges. This helps to explain why he cried out in frustration: “Frailty, thy name is a woman’.(1.2.148).

Hamlet is saying all women are weak. Why Hamlet thinks like this is because of what is mother done her action this is why he feel this way about all women. Ophelia is presented as Hamlet’s love interest, and her frailty stems from a lack of experience and exposure to harsher things in life. She is therefore innocent and reacts strongly to Hamlet’s withdrawal from her. She ends her life due to her emotional struggle. This frailty has an impact on Hamlet in the form of triggering his madness, which triggers Ophelia’s madness. Given the difficulties that are compounded by the frailty of the women around Hamlet, it is easy to understand why he was irritated, even if his words were unfair. Ophelia as a woman can not think for herself she can’t make decisions she look on her dad, Polonius or brother, Laertes to help her with making decisions “You speak like a green girl.”(1.3.106). Polonius Ophelia’s father, is calling her a green girl because he think she is immature cause she believes Hamlet, and that’s because he doesn’t trust her judgment. her father wants her to stay away from hamlet she said she will obey. “I shall obey my lord”.(1.3.141).” She keeps her distance from Hamlet and she is being obedient, for example like a dog.

In a conversation with Ophelia, the Queen states “And for you part Ophelia, I do wish that your good beauties be the happy cause of Hamlet’s wildness. So shall I hope your virtues Will being him to his wonted way again, to both your honors”. Gertrude is plainly blaming Hamlet’s madness on Ophelia. Ophelia is made mad not only by circumstance but by something in herself. A personality forced into such deep hiding that it has seemed almost vacant, all the time has been so painfully open to impressions that they now usurp her reflexes and take possession of her. She has loved or been prepared to love, the wrong man.

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