Volleyball Rules

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Volleyball pass, set, hit right? Not exactly. Volleyball is a very special sport it is one of the only sports that can be played basically anytime, anywhere. All you need is a net a ball and 2-6 players. Which is exactly how the game was originally played back in 1895. Today volleyball is played worldwide and has many different leagues like grade school, competitive, high school, college, rec, church, beach, and pro. After many modifications since 1895 volleyball is now one of the most well-known sports worldwide.

It was winter 1895 at the YMCA in Holyoke Massachusetts, William Morgan just invented a new sport. This brand new sport was called Mintonette. Mintonette was a pretty simple game. Two different teams composed of 2-6 players would play on a square court and volley the ball back and forth over the net until it hit the ground. The net was a badminton net and the ball was the inside of a basketball. This game was invented because although basketball was popular and new it was hard to play outside during the winters and it was also hard for middle-aged people to run for a long time.

Soon after mintonette stated being played in different YMCAs across the country and went through some very large modifications. The first large modification was the name.

It was changed volleyball. It changed to volleyball because the players were volleying the ball over the ball.

Now after 124 years of new rules, modifications, and ways to play, there are about 22 rules and violations and 103 volleyball vocab words that every player has to know. Some of the basic rules and violations are No lifts, keeping your hands under the ball as you pass, foot faults when you step over the serving line, net violations when your body hits the net and, carry when you hold the ball as you hit tip or roll shot. There are also some very important words like serving when you hit the ball with one hand over the net from behind the end line, pass the using of your for arms to get under the ball to pass it up in the air, set the using of your hands above your head to push the ball to the hitter, hit when an attacker uses on hand to hit the ball over the net normally at the ground, tip when a front rower player barely touches the ball to get it slightly over the net, roll shot when any player puts their hand under the ball to push it up and make it spin over the net, pancake when a player jumps on the ground to save the ball from hitting the ground, and ace, when the ball gets served over the net and the opposing team, lets it hit the floor without a touch.         

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