Rules are Important to Social being

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Hello. My name is Pvt Haynesworth Layquan, and I am going to explain as to why following and obeying rules are important to not only myself but every single person that is a part of our wonderful and productive society. For which without these said rules the dismay and ruin that would be brought forth would sent shockwaves down the path of our future road. To better avoid these cruel injustices and possible chaos here’s why I think these rules are not only essential but a but a blessing of a foundation layed by our forefathers before us.

To start off, rules must be obeyed for accountability and legal purposes. (and we all know the importance of accountability in our military and how high the standards we hold that accountability to.)When we follow these rules in a work setting it brings forth trust and a feeling of equality having everyone held to the same standard. Following rules brings consistency and lows out a guideline on how to conduct business and make less impromptu decisions resulting in mishaps or unfortunate events. With these guidelines in place accomplishing the task becomes that much easier. Not only do rules further the mission by keeping everyone to one standard so there is no confusion but, if you were to disobey a rule that is severe enough there could be legal ramifications that hinder not only you but the team you are a part of. Avoiding disgruntled employees or authorities trying to take your rights away is defiantly the way to go. By doing this you Lower the expenses of not only your own being but for the many workers and their families by keeping accidents at a minimum ensuring everyone is happy and away from the hospital.

When you start to sway from the path of glory and holy righteousness your coworkers, your family, and your loved ones will start to take notice. Carry these actions on for too long and you might find yourself in a position where things aren’t exactly going your way. People might start to resent you. Not only for their moral reasons but you pose a safety risk to them and their career as well. Everyone works very hard to adhere to the policies rules and regulations, etc. And when you stray it distraction the normal flow of things. Doing this starts to implant doubt and distaste for you in everyone’s mind. Being part of a team takes a lot a hard work dedication sacrifice and resilience. Following these rules helps make the transition into a new team seamless and keeps their operations on a day to day basis working at the highest of levels. If you want to be a part of the best you must uphold yourself to the best standards and put your all into ensuring the success of your present team and your future team. As a United States military service member I will work my gosh darndest to achieve this level of enlightenment, and be the Sheppard my team needs me to be in order to guide them to greater comings.

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