All you Need to Know about Volleyball

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Volleyball is a fun fast paced game. It is a sport that can be played by anyone. But it is mostly played competitively by volleyball players! It is a very hard sport to play too! The positions are are to learn because you have to learn what you have to do in that position and be open to playing all spots. And doing the conditioning drills are hard too. Most Volleyball teams practice 5-6 days a week. 3-5 hours a day. Volleyball practices usually start during the end of the summer right before school.

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“All you Need to Know about Volleyball”

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Volleyball is usually has six players on the court at a time. The game starts with one of the teams will serve the ball over the net the goal being too hit the opponent’s side of the courts floor. And the other teams goal is to hit it back to the team who served it so that the get a point how points work is called rally scoring. rally scoring is the VOLLEYBALL SCORING SYSTEMS. RALLY POINT SCORING. The team winning a rally scores a point . When the receiving team wins a rally, it gains a point and the right to serve, and its players rotate one position clockwise. The best of three or best of five games will win matches. In volleyball games the first two or four games are played to 25 points. The last game being played to 15 points. One of the teams must win by a two point advantage to win the game . There is no ceiling so each set continues until one team gains a two point advantage.

You have to know where your area is. The positions in volleyball are usually called different names for different teams but the most common names are Outside hitter(also called wing spiker left side front), Right side hitter ( also called wing spiker right side front), Middle blocker (Also called center front row middle), Opposite hitter (also called attacker left back row ), libero (also called defensive specialist in middle back row) setter (in back row right side ).

As well as there are different types of positions. There are different types of serves, hits, and stance as well to the game of volleyball. The different types of hits are called set, dig, bump, and spike. To do a set the ball has to be coming to you over your head. You make a triangle with your hands over your head. When you make contact with the ball push the ball up and out over the net with your finger tips. For a bump you extend your arms out do not interlace your fingers that is a good way to break a finger the when you make contact with the ball let it hit your forearm and push the ball up over the net. For a spike it is always about timing when you spike you want to use the had you right with or are more dominant with. The you take three steps. On the third step you push of your dominant foot. Hit the ball with one hand. Down the like or the middle of the court. For a dig you just slide and bump the ball from the ground. The only time you use a dig. Is if it is below the knees. That is when you do a dig.

For the stance in volleyball you should have your butt down. Make sure you have your feet shoulder width apart You should not have your butt up in the air. Have your hands like your going to bump the ball. The different Types of serves are the overhand and underhand. To do an overhand serve you throw the ball up in the air and make sure the ball is at eye level and hit the ball with the palm of your hand. spread your fingers apart so that you get a accurate serve. For an underhand serve you make a fist. The you hit the ball off the palm of your hand over the net. That is how you serve the ball.

Who are some people who played volleyball my inspiration to volleyball is Caroline S. Found also known as Line she was a competitive volleyball player at Iowa City West High. she taught everyone in the movie they made of her after she was killed in a moped accident to never give up she helped everyone know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She still inspires people even after her death!!

This is all the things you need to know about volleyball!! So have fun and enjoy the game!!

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