Volleyball Rules and Regulations

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Sports fill the nation with diehard fans and hours of television screen times for many people daily. For some sports though there are many rules, regulations and dynamics behind the game. For instance, volleyball is a game many are fans of, but many who have never seen a match or have head of volleyball alone may find the game confusing. Through the decade’s volleyball is a sport that has changed drastically. Changing the concepts of ruling and regulations of the game. Rules for high school matches versus club matches, and the dynamics of getting the perfect pass or mastering that serve to ace the opponent. All in all, volleyball is commonly known as the most underrated and unappreciated sport of our generation. Having this mind set diminishes the key concepts of volleyball. The idea of the game, techniques, locations, and the positions of the game.

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“Volleyball Rules and Regulations”

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A volleyball match begins with two teams with six players on each side. The players use their hands to take a ball back and forth over a regulated high net. Making the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned. To prevent this a player on the opposing team gets the ball up and toward a teammate before it touches the court surface that teammate may then volley it back across the net or guide it to a third teammate who volleys it across the net. A team is allowed only three touches of the ball at a minimum before it must be returned over the net to the other team. A touch is regulated as any physical contact with the ball. Rather it be with the players hand, or head a touch is a touch. There are ruling with touching the ball also. For instance, if a player contacts the ball trying to catch it and throw it back up this would be ruled as a lift. In this instance the call by the ref would be made and the ball and point would be given to the other team.

Volleyball has three common terms used when having the ball getting at most three touches on it before it is sent back over to the opposing team. First, there is a pass. When a player passes a ball, their forearms are straight and at a 90-degree angle from their body. Their hands are either in a cuffed fist or flat prayer hands common terms used for the positioning of the players hands for passing. Many believe that the best way for passing is staying low at a 90-degree angle that can have the passes at a neutral position that makes it easier to contact the ball. The best passers seem to move backwards, absorbing the ball on their arms allowing for more control passing. Also, the way the players body is positioned during a pass is very important too. The angle of their forearms is positioned, the speed of the ball, and the position of their feet. These three concepts depend on the angle and the height of the ball being passed to the setter. In the end, making the setters job easier.

Next, is setting. Wide hands and fingers are placed above the eye level and forehead level of the player. Using both their arms and legs, the player pushes the ball with both of their hands at the same time to set the ball. The setter is commonly the captain of the team meaning they oversee the plays and keeping the rest of the players in line. Knowing the lineup and certain rotations and communicating shots and certain tactics to get a point for their team. The setters need to beat the ball to the spot. Anticipation the location of the pass and have their head on a swivel. Be ready to move from their base in case of a miss pass or miss communication between the passers and get in position to set.

Lastly, the most common term is hitting. While hitting one either does the standing approach or the jumping approach. Either way the player starts out with their hands in front of their body in an almost runners’ position. As the ball is set up and realized from the setter’s hand, they would take their dominate hand behind their head at another 90-degree angle and use the other hand as a glider of the ball. Now, with a jumping approach, as the set ball hits its peak, you would start the approach. As a dominate right handed person, one would start with their left foot stepping forward, then right and then jump on their left to contact the ball. With standing or jump hitting, one would contact the ball with the center of their palm as fast as they could sending the ball across the end. In the end, getting three contacts, bump, set, spike or pass, set, hit.

Volleyball requires a minimum of equipment and space and can be played indoors or outdoors. The game is played on a smooth-surfaced court, divided by a center line into two equal areas, one of which is selected by or assigned to each of the two teams. Players may not step completely beyond the center line while the ball is in play. A tightly stretched net is placed across the court exactly above the middle of the center line. Further adjustments in net height can be made for young people and others who need a lower net. A ball must pass over the net entirely between the antennae. In this sport there are allowed 6 players on each side at a time. Normally, you would have your libero, setters, hitters, and back row players.

Libero is most commonly the best passer on a team. They are the player who wears the different colored jersey indicating special subs or rotations that wouldn’t normally be allowed with a normal colored jersey. The liberos base or home for plays is normally on the far left side of the 10-foot line. There they are expected to dig balls from the right side, middle or outside hitters to keep the ball in play. Liberos are most commonly the most agile and quickest on their feet. From picking up balls that are far above their head or to diving from their base to the 10-foot line to keep the ball in play.

Most commonly if the setter happens to take the first ball the libero is expected to take the second contact to set up the hitter for an attack. The libero always must keep their head on a swivel. Being a libero though has many regulations. They can only serve once, they must substitute behind the 10-foot line, they cannot pass the 10-foot line on an attack and they cannot set a ball that is in front of the 10-foot line either.

The setters are the one who are to set up the hitters for their attacks. Setters must have good hands and eye hand coordination for getting the balls from the passers and to the hitters for an attack. Being a setter is a very important task. They oversee telling their hitters what they are hitting or what plays they are running. For example, is the outside going to hit a fast set, known as a 4, or are they going to come in hitting a higher ball in the middle, known as a 2. Setters oversee also communicating with not only their hitters but their backrow players also. Telling them that they need a higher pass or a tighter pass to the net to keep them on. With all the accountabilities of a setter there are many advantages too. Setters contact the ball 95% of the time. They are most likely the team’s captain or all-around player depending on their atheism and accountability.

Hitters are your key assets normally to finishing a rally. They are the ones with will most likely send the ball over with an aggressive attack to the other team. Having three hitters in the front row is the most common way to play. Hitting starts out with a strong hand and forearm, high vertical, and strong finish. When hitting one must start with their hand above their head at a 90-degree angle facing upward. After this, the ball is tossed to the hitter. When contact is made the ball should touch the palm of their hand with their fingers spread out. Once contact is made, the player needs to follow through. What this means is that the players hand and forearm should swing all the way through to where the hand should be facing downward, and having the ball go over the net at a fast and hard speed.

Lastly there are the backrow players. These are the ones who are most likely designated for passing and getting the ball to the setter and making it easier for the setter to get the ball to the hitters. These three contacts or less make it difficult for the other team to receive or try to get up. Backrow players are commonly forgotten when a great hit or set came to be. There wouldn’t have been a rally in the first place. Most backrow players are loud and agile and wanting to get to every ball and making it known who has the ball. For instance, when a backrow player is going to become in contact with the ball most players say mine. Indicating that they are going to contact the ball and having others ready for the next contact.

Not only does the backrow come with fundamentals it is very important to always have their head on a swivel. If the setter messes up the ball they try their best to better the ball and get it over. Also, when a hitter is going to contact the ball the backrow player can communicate to them where to hit it. The line being straight down the court vertically, or cross hitting the ball diagonally. Other key terms for indicating to the hitter to hit but seeing how important it is for the backrow player to fully communicate.

With all the rules, skills and regulations of volleyball. It shows us how one sport that may seem to be easy to one person. Can be looked at closer to find many more facts that people haven’t heard or even seen before. Volleyball is not only a physical but mental sport as well.

With all the skills and teamwork, a certain team can have. A truly good team has a connection and commitment to the sport many seem to push away.

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