Basic Volleyball Rules

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Volleyball is a sport that not many people play, Mostly americans play the sport, but you could play volleyball too, you could even play it in the back/front yard of your house. If you are playing it at your house you could have a net, or you and a friend could just bump it back and fourth to each other. You should at least try volleyball, and if you don’t like it there is always other sports.

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“Basic Volleyball Rules”

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The basics of a team

To play volleyball it takes at least six people to make a Game if it is less than six then you cant have a game because it would not work out. If there are more than six then you will have a line to go into the game, for example you have the game in the middle of the court and off the the right side there is a line to join the game when it’s time to switch. The sixth player goes to the line while the player in the line goes to the serving line and serves the ball to the other side. There are positions but not assigned ones, player one would be the server, player two would be in the middle back, player three would be to the left back, player four would be in front of player three, player five would in front of player two, and player six would be in front of player one (the server). Whoever wins the point (the team your playing against and your team) would get to serve first because they got the point. So lets say your team got a point so then your team gets to serve.The points on a volleyball team goes to 15(fifthteen), and whoever gets 15(fifthteen) first wins the game. There are normally three games in one game, so basically you have one game on a day but in that one game it has three games.

You can serve the ball underhand or overhand some people prefer underhand better and some people prefer overhand better but it’s all on what you like/can do.with underhand you have to bring your hand under the ball just like in the name and make a fist and bump the ball, don’t use your hand use your lower palm to bump the ball. With overhand you throw up the ball and hit it, you don’t hit it will anything, you puff out your hand and make sure to hit it with your lower palm once again. You also always start with a serve to start a game you can’t just go right in and bump the ball, and boom game started. You can finally bump the ball when the game is started. You can also set, and dig the ball if its coming. Passing the ball You can pass the ball by setting it, spiking it, bumping it, and digging it. The way you set a ball is puff out yours hands but this time hit the ball with your fingertips and push up but make your hand a little tilted so it goes to the other team. The way you spike the ball is basically like overhand serving just without throwing the ball in the air. The way you bump a ball is but putting your hands together but not like your going to pop your knuckles, you also have to make sure your arms are straight and are in front of you. When the ball comes you bring yours arms a little up and bump the ball to the other team.the way you dig the ball is basically like bumping the ball you are just lower or you can slide to the ball and bump it back.

Also another tip on passing the ball is if its high ball set it if its low ball bump it. The reason why there are different types of passing is because you might be in the back row during a time in the game and most likely bumping would work best to get the ball to the other side,if you are in the front most likely setting would work best, because you are in the front and the ball would come over your head. If the ball ever goes over your head then don’t bump it because you would bump it behind you since its a high ball. Digging doesn’t really happen in the game, but if you do use that pass then it still helps out in the game, for digging you also need to make sure your going forward with your bump because there is always a chance that you might go to high with your bump, and the ball would go backwards, and d then that would be a point for the oth erteam, or it would just go out of bounds.RulesSome of the rules of volleyball are that:

  • The same player can not hit the ball twice.
  • A ball is out if it hits the groundIt is illegal to hold,catch, or throw the ball.
  • A ball hitting a boundry line is in.
  • Maximum of three hits per side

These are just a few rules but there is alot more rules.


Volleyball is a pretty easy sport, maybe sometime consider playing it! Volleyball is also really fun, soif your looking for a sport to play tryout volleyball but it is always ok if you dont like the sport there are others.

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