Types of the Movies and Books that i Like

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1) Use of detailed description - I find that when reading, I like it to feel colorful as if I am watching something where intricate design is used, which I can envision from the pages. This is very important to me, as it is also how I strive to write my material as well as a main concept I use for determining what I feel is good writing in a book. There is nothing better than reading on and finding immense connection and relatability with the story from the in-depth detail of the characters and surroundings. I like there to be details which draw connections in movies as well, however I feel it is more important in books as every element has to be read by the words instead of images on screen.

2) The character development - The connection I can make with at least a single character in a book is all that is needed for me to desire the rest of the story. I find this is a possibility when the author crafts the characters well enough to find commonalities with myself. When I am reading, I picture things occurring with myself in the shoes of a character and I feel more invested with these particular stories; which is different from when I am watching a movie, it seems more like I am just watching a story play out and I only feel invested when I find empathy with a character. This is why the characters basically have to be strong enough to feel real for me to even care about in the first place.

3) Realistic plot - When reading books verses watching a movie, I care much more about the plot than I do with those of movies. I also do not feel it necessary for a movie plot to be entirely realistic, however I am more critical than most about concepts being seemingly irrational. However, I could watch a movie about anything if the acting is top-notch, since I feel that trumps a nonsensical plot, with an example being Scott Pilgrim vs. the World directed by Edgar Wright. With books the plot is very important, as I would not just read anything. I mostly enjoy reading a book I can learn something from, such as non-fiction or a period piece. However, like with the other reasons I stated it is important for it to be believable and something that could actually happen. The worst thing for me is when I am actually getting into a book and author throws in something ridiculous like time travel or some other sci-fi concept that totally makes the story far-fetched. I think the best types of books I could read would be drama or mystery genera. An example of something I like is a novel called The Holy Thief by William Ryan. It is very suspenseful and centered around a gruesome murder in Moscow in the 1930's of Soviet Russia. I like the elaborate description highlighting that time period, as it is educational in the way of portraying how society was then and there. It heavily encompasses underground crime and investigatory mystery. I do not like crime TV shows, but this book relays a heightened mood than that of the often drab and somber TV shows.

What is important to me regarding movies are....

1) Unpredictable plot - I enjoy watching an engaging and well directed movie that delivers something unexpected in the storyline. I dislike movies that are predictable and that have no surprise elements to them - such as a minimal conflict where everyone goes and lives happily ever after... blah... blah... blah. The best is where the plot jumps around and gives you an opportunity to think about what is happening and leave you shocked by twists with unpredictable dynamics that add more depth to picture itself. Shifts in the narrative of the story keep my attention and deliver an element of surprises, which I have always enjoyed and appreciated - Good examples I could share are Wes Anderson films, as there is seemingly no way to know what is going to happen next in his movies. This correlates to my perception of a good book as well, being as I like a solid mystery. A mystery is very uninteresting if you know or can tell what is going to happen.

2) The mood - The mood is very important to me and is something much separate than the setting of a movie. The mood is the emotion that is rendered from watching the film, as in a good movie it can be something very powerful. I like a movie that sticks to a witty-humorous charm that can even be delivered in subtle ways rather than 'in your face' scenes. Some movies aim for a nostalgic and inspirational feeling, but the best movies don't rely on it by over saturating the screen with those elements. I like this when the atmosphere is captured by the particular music, styles, colors, lighting, and most importantly character mannerisms/actions which give off a strong perceived state of mind for me the viewer. These are usually dramas, which can deliver a heart-wrenching feeling by your empathy for the characters involved, especially with a compelling performance. Also thriller type or horror movies, when well acted can convey strong emotions of fear suspense that involve your mind participating in the frightful elements affecting the characters - A good example of this for me would be Nocturnal Animals directed by Tom Ford. I also appreciate books that deliver emotion, even though it is less triggering for me, since I feel more 'in the moment' when watching a film, but it is just as impactful to me when I am invested in a book. I basically want to feel some sort of emotion from watching a movie or reading a book.

3) Strong acting - I have some favorite actors and directors that I can often depend on to give a great performance in a movie. The magnitude and persuasiveness of the acting is a big deal to me, as I have a hard time watching really anything with actors who annoy me or are all around not very convincing with their character. The best movies are those were you can almost forget you are watching a movie from the effective performances on screen. For that reason, I have a hard time watching anything animated or with heavy computer generated imagery (CGI) since it doesn't convince me - Something like Transformers, Marvel, or these newer Disney movies comes to mind. I believe this translates to books as well with me favoring well-rounded characters and dislike ideas that seem too far-fetched.

I really only have one example of a book, as that is really all I have read recently that would pertain to this discussion. If anyone has recommendations of books who maybe has similar ideas of what constitutes a good book, please let me know.

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