Banned Books and the Law the First Amendment

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Should books be banned? Some people think books should be banned. I on the other hand think books should not be banned. I will express my reasoning for why I think books should be unbanned. I think banning books is bad because books are another way to get educated, books are an example of the First Amendment, and books are being censored for being challenging and inappropriate.

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“Banned Books and the Law the First Amendment”

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Reading books is another way to get educated It says in 10 benefits of reading books by Andrew Moorhead, Education is not cheap. Classes, seminars, and education software are just a few way that can pay to learn things. However, reading books from the library is free. It also says in Why is reading so important? by Pearson, Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is vital as they start to read. Reading is important because it helps kids understand certain words more. This shows how reading can help education, and it’s free.

Banning books is an example of violation the First Amendment. It says in Banned books: A violation of the first amendment by Jcammenga No one can dictate what you can or cannot say, all in the name of freedom. Other people cannot control what you can and cannot say. It says in Findlaw: Banned books and the law The First Amendment gives anyone living in the United States, including students, the freedom to express any opinion they like. Anyone in the United States have the freedom of speech and have the right to say whatever they want. This shows how it’s a violation of the First Amendment.

Some parents thinks it’s a good idea to ban books that they think are inappropriate to their children’s. Some parents wants books banned because they are also challenging. Books are being censored because they are challenging and inappropriate. It says in ThoughtCoKids’ book censorship: The Who and why by Elizabeth Kennedy, When people challenge books, it’s generally out of a concern that the book will be harmful to the children and they should be banned. It also says in the same article, These parents go beyond wanting to restrict access to certain books for their own children, either by getting one or more book(s) restricted in some way. This shows how some parents are ruining reading for other kids.

In conclusion, banning books are a bad idea because it’s an example of freedom of speech, they are being censored for being challenging and inappropriate, and it’s another way to get educated. Don’t let one person/ parent complain, then ban those books if it’s challenging and/ or inappropriate. The positive of unbanning books is that there will be more books to read. People have a free choice of what they want to read, so let them read whatever they want and don’t let other people ruin it for others.


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