Benefits of Reading Books

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Have you wondered- why sometimes, that you are so addicted to the internet, you don’t look at the world around you? Well, imagine that your mom is shouting at you to to experience the world and you rather sit all day in front of the television. Maybe, you don’t really like going outside, but there is a solution- Books. Books let you experience the world by reading them, and most importantly, they help you to be a better person in life. Books help people for their future, as well as their life.

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“Benefits of Reading Books”

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To begin, books help us to understand other people’s emotions and how they feel about different issues. According to Newsela, on a recent survey, a team of scientists from Italy lead by Loris Vezzali asked 34 children how they feel about immigrants. A child said “People don’t really appreciate immigrants coming to the country they live in.” This shows that the child included herself in the side of not liking immigrants. Another child stated that “People rarely appreciate immigrants in our country, but it is a problem that it is not always the case.” The scientists split the children into two groups where one group read a part from the Harry Potter series where someone is being mistreated and other read the other parts where people were being treated fairly. This helped the children look in different point of view. The child who showed she didn’t like immigrants liked them even more. The other child felt the same. Even though, the scientists were not surprised This proves that, children can look in different point of views with magical creatures that doesn’t exist in the world. Also, it has helped them grow into a better person. This one of the ways books help people.

“Yawn..Yawn.” Are you sleepy? Well, it just seems like you read a book. According to Mayo Clinic, reading before bed signals you that it is time to ‘go to sleep. E-books and electronic device can keep you awake longer and can hurt your sleep. 54% of kids sleep near a small screen. Well, I bet you are relaxed because research proves reading can be stress reliever. A 2009 study by Sussex proves stress decreases by 68%. “It really doesn’t matter what book you read, by losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world and spend a while exploring the domain of the author’s imagination,” cognitive neuropsychologist David Lewis? told The Telegraph. Oh! This is a big evidence that, books can be stress reliever. This is my other reason that proves my claim.

As Dr.Seuss has once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”, if you read books it definitely going to increases your knowledge. It gives your brain a workout just like a jog does for your cardiovascular system. Did you know, according to Neutrology, it keeps brain sharper for longer? Frequent brain activities lowered mental health by 32%. As Honoré de Balzac has said, “Reading brings us unknown friends” proves that people can be more empathetic to each other. Alzheimer- a word we all know(I hope) is a disease causing memory loss. Books help fight the Alzheimer disease because we are giving our brain a workout. People engaged in puzzles, chess, or reading books, less likely would develop the Alzheimer disease. 2.5 times less to develop the disease. This is also one of my reasons why reading helps people.

To conclude, these are my reasons books help people. They are useful for increasing intelligence, making you more empathetic, boosting your brain power, fighting Alzheimer disease and there are thousands of more reasons that will fill your brain! Hey, really- reading books sometimes could even save your life at hard situations. So, the more you read, there is more chance of getting a good future-and increasing your knowledge.

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