How Extent Education and Reading Books Can Change our Mindset

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In the current decade, the role of education in the development of a nation increasingly has become an issue of discussion. It is believed that education plays a pivotal role in the development of a nation. Every democratic country would like to have hardworking and conscious citizens. Educational institutions are obligate to upbringing such citizens. Due to the fact that in recent years among the population the materialistic values have surpassed the spiritual values, the democratic countries have begun to pay proper attention to the reformation of the educational system. But then again, an individual can gain awareness, be a spiritual person, realize that he is responsible for society, be a leader who has a voice in society and influence the minds of people, without graduating schools or colleges, through reading books. In my estimation, the primary goal of education is to gain awareness through reading books.   

As a rule deep reading and contemplating, books could arouse a desire to aware us. Aware people know the downside and traits of their character. They know what are they capable of and are not devoid of common sense. When a person gains awareness he begins not only workaround his downside but also gradually arousing in him a desire to change the world around him making the world fairer. Thus, reading books serve as a key factor for awareness and self-improvement.

It can be evidenced and explained by the personal experience of Malcolm X. His life circumstances to a great extent are different from the lives of ordinary people. Before he was subjected to books in prison, he had a very limited worldview and world perception. He even could not be able to read. Having a desire to be heard by society, but being not able to express his opinion, Malcolm X instead of just languishing in prison started to read books. Despite the fact, that he was in jail and isolated from society books allow him to not succumb to depression. Books fill his life with meaning and add new colors. The more he was reading books, the more he was shedding light on the situations in society. Since books developed his imagination. With every reading of books, he realized that he was capable of learning and understanding the genuine meaning of words. He not only read the books, but he also read between the lines, trying to not lose sight of words in the book. Every time when he was reading a book he was stumbling across something engrossing and all-consuming. He emphasized that “Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine a world that opened.” He believed that reading books allow people to be more self-conscious, to build up an adequate worldview, and helps to not allow other people to impose their limited views.

Being isolated from society Malcolm X reveal the truth through reading books. His educational experience to some extent has similarities with mine. I remember the times when I had been looking for myself as a person and try to find my role in society. For a while, I could not find my predestination. However, I gained awareness when I started reading books with inner desire and passion, without external pressure. When I was reading books, I could feel that my soul was blooming and that my body and soul become one and fills with harmony.

For instance, one of my favorite books that allow me to look at the world from a different angle is ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury. When I have read this book I realized how important books are in our life and that they are our best teachers. Books allow me to imagine the desired world and easily cope with life difficulties and complexities. Besides books not only contributed to finding myself but also developed in me the basic human values and qualities such as compassion, empathy, and dedication.

If I drew a parallel between Malcolm X educational experience and mine, I can say that reading books changed my worldview and world perception as Malcolm X.   ‘ The obligation of anyone who thinks of himself as responsible is to examine society and try to change it and fight-at no matter what risk’ emphasized James Baldwin by his article ‘A talk to the teacher.’ James Baldwin believes that teachers are obligate to encourage students to discover things around them and ask explorable questions with internal passion. He thinks, that teachers should inculcate in students a desire to be aware themself, world and make their own decision. Teachers who encouraging and instilling a love for reading books properly are upbringing productive citizens for a democratic society. He is sad that the obligation of anyone who thinks of himself is to change society no matter what. Hense, teachers play a crucial role in the development of spiritual values such as Only reading books can reveal our primary duty in society. The one who realizes his role in society can change and examine society. 

To recapitulate: reading books by own passion can expand the horizons of thinking and allow us to realize what is above and around us. Hense, books open our eyes and change our mindset. Deep reading and contemplating books lead to the fullness of being and the fullness of life.   

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