Classic Movies Middle Schooler should See: Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Christmas Vaction

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Mary Poppins

A musical that has been rembered ever scince it came out. Not only is the soundtrack great with song like, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “Chim Chim Churre” but the story of a Nanny who takes too weathly kids on fun adventures and teaches them fantsiacl thing is a movie and stroy to remeber.

The Sandlot

This is a great movie over all. Its not only funny but relatable. A young boy moves to a town with his mother his step father who has no time for him. Soon he finds himslef in a ragtag group of boys who play baseball everyday and get into many fun but troublesome prediments is a classic that will be rember. There are few who do not about the sandlot and there are many who love it.

Harry Potter

Much like the books, the Harry Potter movies are loved all over the world. With many movies the book-to-film adaption does not go over well with tha loyal fans. Tjis was not the case for The Harry Potter movies who gets it right. The CGI is exxelcent for a time where it was not adveance and hard to ger right. The acter who bring the beloved characters alive did a exxelnt job mirroring the characters personalitys. Its truly a saga to rember.


Christmas movies are awlays a joy to wacth. The happimness and fun of christmas brought to life on the big screen is a great way to spend time wih the familey right around Decmber. But “Elf” is one of the best. The many funny remarks and predicments through out the film are only one of the many great parts of this movie. Buddy, a man raised by elfs goes to New York to find his father without knowing anything about the people is a classic still wacthed 15 years after it relase.

Christmas Vaction

Rignt up there with “Elf”, Christmas Vaction is a halriou mobie wacth and laughed at by many. A man who wants his familey christmas to be perfect is bombsred by problems and funny (but unwanted) relatives is a Christams Comdey loved and wacthed by many every yhear.

Pirates of the Carrabin

Sword fights, a witty captain, and genuis plot. What more be said? Pirates of the Carbbin is a classic with Johnny Debt as the Witty and funny captin, Jack Sparrow. There may be many of these movies but the new and countud humor of the movies had people watching ot years after the first ones relase.

Singing in the Rain

A old but wonderful musocal. Singing in the Rain tells atrhe story of an actor and his best friend as the era of talkies come about. Don Lockwood adn nhis bes tfreind Cosmo have been ion the movie busniess for a long time, so long that Don has become a legend with he less than likable Co-Star Lina Lemount. As movie turn from silent to talking problem arise inn the ofrm of music love and annoyiing Co-stars. With songs such as “Make’ wm laugh” ton”Singing in the rain” and intese dance numbers, this movie is nbeing wacth long after the actor are gone. This is truly a wonderfula dn Classic film.

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