the Reliability of the Material

Animals have emotions just like humans which is why many people are against animal testing. However having products tested on animals shows the reliability of the material as well and the safety of it. This ongoing controversy of whether animals should be tested has it pros and cons.

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Animals will get hurt and some sadly die yet people’s health will benefit since products will be tested on animals first to make sure they are safe to use. The newspaper Love Your Dog, Support Animal Research, authored by Matthew R. Bailey claims that if you love your pet you should support animal testing. On the other side of the debate, Paula Moore in her article ?As the Netherlands Phases Out Animal Experimentation, Will Other Countries Follow? states that doing tests on animals should be illegal.

To start of her article, Moore uses pathos to get to the readers feelings. Reading the article will show how horrible the vulnerable animals are left after experiments. The title states that Netherlands is working to end all experiments on animals it goes to show that if the Dutch government can make such massive decision about such topic other countries should follow too. Animals get treated very poorly infected with disease, force-fed chemicals, blinded, burned, mutilated and left to suffer without veterinary care inside laboratories which is very devastating since many defenseless animals die to this dreadful experiments. Animals have feelings just like animals and should be treated with respect.

Moore grabs the attention of all the animal lovers by including scenarios in her article. She brings out all the horrific possible outcomes that could happen in the future if animal testing continues. For example, she says that there is better ways to conduct research in a more efficient way since it is morally wrong to poison, infect, burn and cut up animals in a laboratory. This just shows the readers how poorly animals get treated and how they end up. Animals cannot defend themselves from the start which is easy for scientists to just get them and experiment.
Matthew R. Bailey begins his newspaper by using a great hook dog owners may soon be able to add years to their pets’ lives, thanks to an experimental antiaging pill this will get the readers to be thankful that such experiments exist.

Basically what he is trying to say in other words is that if you love something let it go. He tries to convey a powerful message that if you love you dog, supporting animal research is the way to go. In the future they can come up with new medicines that can benefit both animals and humans without nobody getting hurt. He also used ethos in his article by saying animal food and vaccines all have been developed through humane research which he is correct since new creations are made thru various tests done.

Bailey included various examples on how animal testing has helped cure many diseases and how it can be beneficial for them too since they are finding cures for them too. In the end of his newspaper he says the following discouraging studies condemns animals to unnecessary suffering and death from preventable illness this just goes to show that with animal research animals can prevent certain illness and even death. Including statistics about the disease Ebola shows both ethos and logos since the readers will find him credible for all the information he gathered including Journal of Infectious Diseases. Logos is used since he used data to back up his information which included the percentage of chimpanzee that Ebola has killed.

Both authors used pathos in both of their essay to get to the readers heart. Paula Moore gave a insight of all the awful things that happen to animals in a laboratory. Including what animals go thru and how they are efficient methods to experimenting things. Meanwhile Paula Moore shows good points as to why it is beneficial to do animal research.

Not only does it benefit animals with new creations to be made for them but also humans which will be useful for us not get harmed with new products being made. They both provided the readers with statistics on the outcomes of being against it and the benefits of supporting animal research. Moore made her point clear that there are better ways to conduct research rather than harming animals. Bailey noted that if you are a true animal lovers you should support animal research.

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