Keeping a Donkey

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  • May people around the world perceive donkeys as animals created to work. Very few will keep donkeys as pets and go an extra mile to feed and care for them. I never developed the idea of owning a donkey until one my friends in college recommended that I should own one. Donkeys like human beings should be treated properly. With the right treatment,   donkeys become helpful and will assist an individual in many different ways without force. Besides social needs, an individual should provide appropriate housing and feeding for a donkey.
  • To begin with, donkeys will develop the right feeling by having its master as a friend. A miniature donkey for instance, which individuals prefer keeping as a pet, lives best with another miniature donkey. They will communicate in a language they best understand just as humans communicate. It is easier to train a donkey that feels loved and even more interesting to have it as a pet. A donkey that feels unloved is difficult to tame. It will make noise and may become violent towards the owner.
  • Understanding the feeding habits of a donkey is the first thing towards maintaining its good health. A master should provide enough hay and water. More time should be left for the donkey to feed on natural and fresh bushes. Nutritious hay should often be provided and the donkey weighed regularly. With appropriate feeding, it is unlikely that the donkey will be overweight. It is also important to ensure that the donkey is not underweight due to underfeeding or relying on low-quality hay.
  • Constructing a spacious barn will provide appropriate shelter for a donkey. The barn should be well ventilated to make the place appropriate for the donkey to rest. Appropriate material that will not harm the donkey during play is utilized in construction. Fences should be well constructed to stop the donkey from selected locations safely.


  • A donkey is a social animal that is interesting to live with. It is less destructive when loved and obedient. An individual mistreating a donkey should be arrested for animal abuse. It is therefore important to inquire from professionals on the best ways to treat a donkey without mistreatment. Individuals keeping miniature donkeys as toys have an awesome experience.
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