The Vital Importance of DACA Program for Immigrants

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Immigration is an action of movement from one environment into a foreign country. Many immigrants parents brought their children at a young age to America so that they can give their children’s a better life and a better education. Is their part to use it and take advantage of it. There’re teens out there who want to continue school after high school. “In 2012 Obama administration offered DACA, for a temporary relief from deportation.” (Batalova, Jeanne, Sarah Hooer, and Randy Capps). This program benefited a lot of young teens that were considered unauthorized immigrants. The teens that came to the United States as kids and found opportunities to continue school are on the DACA program. “The DACA program is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” (Sahay, Kashika Mohan). It is an American policy that permits a group of individuals who were brought to the United States illegally to be protected from deportation. These teens are called dreamers, they are under the DACA program that Obama created in 2012. Dream stands for “Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors” (Acuña, Rodolfo F.). Everyone in general should be treated equally, regardless of where they are from. All humans deserve the same opportunities.

Once they come to the United States their life style changes, at first is very challenging for them to adapt or get use to how Americans live. Immigrants enter the United States poorer than any American, they don’t have anything, they are basically starting from scratch and building up to improve their lives. “There about 1.8 million young immigrants in the United States who came or were brought to the country without documentation before the age of 16. These youth have been raised and educated in the United States and have aspirations and educational achievement similar to those of their native-born peers.” (Anaya, Yohualli Balderas-Medina, Mithi del Rosario, and David E. Hayes-Bautista.). America has always been the immigrant's dream. A few disadvantages that people who migrate from foreign countries is that they don’t speak English. It makes it hard for them to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak their language.

Although, these teens had high grades they weren’t qualified for federal aid, because of their residency status. College is more expensive for them and is hard for them to go to college just because they aren’t legal citizens. “The cost of their education to the state amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars for each student. Deportations were like throwing these investments away, they represent the best of America society.” (Acuña, Rodolfo F.) Which is why I don’t think that the currently President which is Trump, should take away DACA. Is an application that protects these teens. An application that will help them accomplish their dreams and the goals of why they even came to the United States in the first place. They were young children whom didn’t know that they were migrating to another country. All the students whom are under the DACA program don’t deserve to be punished by erasing this program, that has helped them a lot in different ways. Just because the President detest immigrants shouldn’t be a reason of why he considers all of them bad people. These hard-working people aren’t doing anything wrong but trying to continue school. In fact, they are doing it for a good cause that will even help the economy in America.

Immigrants are most likely to take jobs in agriculture and construction, but not all do. Some have the opportunity to continue school meaning after high school, go to college and get a degree. The dreamers are the ones that even if they were born at another country, they demonstrate that, it doesn’t make them any less than any other American. In fact, they are Americans, because they’ve been in the United States since little. Some of the dreamers don’t even know anything of the country that they were born at, because the country they’ve live for most their life has been America. Kashika Mohan Sahay, Kari Thatcher, Cruz Nuñez and Alexandra Lightfoot are a group of high school students that came to the United States as kids and found opportunities on the DACA program.

The DACA program should be important to the United States as it is for the dreamers. Because these are students that are undocumented that are looking forward to going to college. Being under this program doesn’t consider them residents, but it gives them freedom for two years to not have to worry about being deported. In addition, this DACA program can also be somewhat complicated to the adolescence life in many different ways. Is a presidential action meaning a future president can discontinue it, or provide more chances. Is not permanent, they have to renewed it every two years, is not a way for residency or citizenship and the teens family can still get deported. But the DACA program also have benefits, you can obtain a driver license, might have the chance to travel outside the Unites States. “DACA defers deportation of eligible, undocumented youth and grants lawful presence in the United States, work permits, Social Security numbers, and, in most states, driver’s licenses.” (Anaya, Yohualli Balderas-Medina, Mithi del Rosario, and David E. Hayes-Bautista.). These teens parents didn’t finish school, so they give them advises on how they need to get a degree so that they won’t have to be working like they are. They have many ways to be successful in their school lives if they try.

There are a lot of reasons that motivates most immigrants to have an act of traveling to the United States. All immigrants have different reasons and different decisions. Some immigrants call America, “the land of opportunity.” Immigrants don’t just come to America for themselves but also for the well-being of their family. Immigrants are willing to do anything for a better life. They are very hardworking people who doesn’t come to the United States to harm others but to work, get an education and to give to our country. They deserve the same chances as any other American. Poor countries go through a lot of struggles, their lives aren’t easy as it seems to just talk about it. For example, there’s people who don’t want to work but just get things the easiest way by taking away from the ones who works their selves off for what they want and need to provide for themselves and family members. They don’t get pay well, their salary is not even close to the minimum wage in the United States. Once the parents get settle in the United States their first move is to look for a job. There are employees that will even take advantage of the immigrants and treat them like their slaves. But parents risk it all so that their children can have a better future.

I’m not an immigrant, but my parents came from a Central American country, El Salvador. And from what they’ve told me, I know that migrating to the United States for a better life is not easy at all. They go through tough situations just to get to a better place. Especially when they are crossing multiple borders and rivers to get to America. Some of their trips were like a nightmare. Leaving their families behind just so that their children can have a good education and become someone in life is hard, because knowing that you are so far away from them, yet you are trying to find a better life for your kids as well. Even knowing that you can only talk to them through the phone if you can afford a call and not being able to be physically with them is even harder. Just imagining teens being in all crowded and uncomfortable is horrible.

Their immigrant life was very though, that made most of them feel like coming to the United States made them appreciate the gift of life. Everyone has different experiences and stories, but it only takes the effort that they made to be where they are now. Many immigrants are grateful for everything they’ve accomplished and for what America has offered them. Some were fortunate to not be a refugee, but that doesn’t mean that you get to see them differently. It shouldn’t matter what country you came from, what matters is the sacrifice that they made to be successful in their future.

Education is very important for young teens because it helps them develop the English language. Is relevant in today society because their education outcomes increase, and they move to higher paying jobs. It modernizes the United States immigration system and provides unauthorized immigrants in the country today with a path to citizenship. Children’s growing up are attached to the United Sates, knowing that opportunities come hand in hand with cultural and social costs.

Immigrants are like the half of America, they help improve for the American workers and will increase the America growth income. They create business, turning their American dreams into American jobs. In fact, they don’t steal jobs, they often do the work that Americans do not want to do. Immigrants pay taxes and provide cultural diversity. In fact, immigration benefits most consumers and industries. Everyone should know how important immigration has become for America. “Immigrations play an important role in social and economic development.” (Hollifield, James, Philip L. Martin, and Pia Orrenius). Without immigrants living in America, will it still be America? They are an important to America, it helps build and strengths the economy. The DACA program, will benefit the United States in the future and it will help the dreamers get an education like any other American can. They deserve a chance to make them accomplish their dreams.

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