DACA Impact for Female Empowerment

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Throughout history, female empowerment has had different significant meanings. Women were stereotyped to be cleaners, cooks, or as a housewife and were expected to have no career. However, women have accomplished so much over the years as engineers, scientist, businesswomen, entertainers, political leaders, women in the military and so on. Women have been so belittled throughout history, and I think of how great we have progressed.

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“DACA Impact for Female Empowerment”

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Furthermore, Female empowerment to me is when women have proven themselves to be as equal or even greater leaders, especially in a male-dominated work society. Empowerment has lead to women inspiration and leadership as role models and trendsetters. Empowerment is simply women breaking stereotypes and spreading awareness that women can do anything they set their mind to. Empowerment is when women who inspire young girls to become who they want to be regardless of their gender. This applies to whether it’s being a mechanic, engineer, construction worker, wrestler, actor. It’s women encouraging each other after years of stereotypes and mistreatment for equalization. Moreover, it is amazing how much we have progressed in America, and although we did, it does not mean we should stop fighting for equalization. Many third world countries do not have many female empowerments in a patriarchy environment. Women are still looked down on and are not being treated equally. So how do we empower women around us every day and in other countries?

To empower women around us every day, we can start off by just small things. The saying “A simple smile can change someone’s day” Which is true. For me, a simple gesture, smile or conversation empowers me every day when encountering other women in society. Little things like this brighten up my day and empower me to stay positive. Another way we can empower women is to emphasize in inspiring young girls or even young transgender women. An example of this is when I was asked by an old co-worker Marissa (who is now a fourth-grade teacher) to speak about my college experiences as a freshman. They had asked me questions on how college was like, how I came to be, and how I managed my time as a student. Marissa and I hoped that by me speaking about my experiences had inspired them to set a path for themselves as I did to further their education after high school.

Another way to empower women is to create awareness and not only within the U.S. but also women in other countries specifically those dominated by men and patriarchy. An example of this would be in Egypt last month in December 2018, when Egyptian actress Rania Yousef has been set to trial for wearing a “revealing” dress. Egyptian Critics called her to dress a disgrace to society and a disrespect to the religion and ethics of the country. She faces up to five years in prison and is due in court on January 12 for public obscenity. The dress itself is a fair dress where most women in America can consider casual or something you can wear to prom or a wedding party.

Additionally, this trial is unfair, unjust and ridiculous for putting a woman to trial for the way she dressed which in no way does she harm anyone or even herself. For empowerment, women around the world can create awareness, campaigns, petitions and should be fighting for Youseff. For the reason that a woman has the power to make any decision she wants and should be able to do what she wants with her body as long as she is not harming anyone or herself. Female empowerment should continue not only in the growth within the United States but also in many male dominating and patriarchy nations. As women, we must encourage and assist those by awareness and raising campaigns as we continue to keep fighting for women’s rights.

Today, President Trump’s recent attempt to end DACA can affect many young immigrant women who strive to achieve higher education such as myself. This current event will prevent the program from helping many thousands of immigrant women from its benefits. Daca recipients also receive limited grants and scholarships in order to attend college. DACA also helps immigrant women to be eligible for employment from a work permit and have a driver’s license. Another important benefit for DACA recipients is their protection from deportation and the avoidance of family separation.

From my personal experience as a first-generation student coming from an immigrant background, DACA has helped me become an aspiring business student with my college education. Before my permanent residency in 2016, I was unable to become part of programs such as Upward Bound, a high school program that guided students for college. I was unable to work and assist my mother financially and was held back from certain scholarships. When I received DACA, I received a work permit, had access to grants to assist me for my education. Without DACA, my first year in college would have been a huge risk with many loans from private corporations or banks that have high-interest rates. By being protected from deportation, and having my mother around, I became an astounding hard-working college student and a product of the Deferred Action of Childhood arrival. As an immigrant woman, and first generation, as well as the first female in my intermediate family to go to a university in America, witnessing these current events that affect immigrant women and also their families, outrages me.

As a young adult, it is my duty to keep encouraging and to counsel female immigrant students with how to manage their college education because that is what female empowerment means to me. Helping each other out and inspiring those who do not have hope

To empower immigrant women through difficult situations not only we must spread awareness and encouragement but we should write petitions to governors, keep voting, keep fighting for equal rights. In these letters, we must emphasize that women in our society cannot succeed if they are being held back when our president and his trustees belittle women and immigrants. Moreover, young women such as myself are the future, and they should not be held back no matter what their backgrounds. We must continue to protect our future which is our women.

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