Illegal Immigrants and Law

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Immigration over the decades has emerges to be a contentious issue that has drawn overwhelming attention from the government as well as citizens of the affected nations. In America, immigration statics have been gradually escalated over the years, as more people come to the nation in search of the American dream. The primary issue with illegal immigration is the routes people use to enter into a nation, a move that is often provoked by the relentless need to search for opportunities, secure asylum or gain both. Most natives are usually agitated by illegal immigrants for they perceive the latter groups as being responsible for depriving them of conducive work opportunities and social amenities (Bhachu 31). Nevertheless, the reasoning is often biased, for most immigrants opt to settle for low paying jobs and subpar neighborhoods that the average citizen is hesitant to occupy. Illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship, for it is an approach that will nurture the realization of economic growth and immigration reform, provide a permanent home for many hopeless and homeless families, and nurture the strive for tolerance and equality envisioned by Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and even former American president Obama.

Critics of illegal immigrants often assert that the migrants break the law consistently by entering into the nation through fraudulent means, an aspect that emerges to be unfair for the legal migrants who have to secure all valid documentation before they can travel into a foreign land (Bhachu 39). Additionally, the agitators of illegal migrants assert that the characters move into the foreign nation with the intention of taking the jobs that are supposed to be for the local people, an aspect that cumulatively causes competition between the natives who deserve the positions and migrants (Hanson 42). Cumulatively, by granting citizenship to illegal migrants, the aspect would be identified as rewarding wrongdoers for a crime they have committed (Hanson 46). From a positive perspective, it is vital to note that most of the arguments raised by the critics of illegal immigrants are usually handicapped, or biased for most individuals come into the region in search of low paying employment opportunities that most natives refute to uptake (Borjas 3). Additionally, there are many reasons why illegal migrants move into a nation such as seeking asylum, and employment opportunities, aspects that generally are humanitarian based or key economic growth triggers.

Provision of citizenship to illegal immigrants would nurture the growth of a nation’s economy, as well as the realization of immigration reform. Illegal immigrants represent a significant population of the United States quoted to be at 22.1 million out of a cumulative population of 325 million citizens (Knight 17). The given figure thus implies that awarding illegal immigrants’ citizenship, would provide the government with a new source of taxable revenue, as well as entitle the immigrants to work peacefully, an element that will cumulatively nurture the nation’s economic growth (Borjas 5). Additionally, from a historical perspective, American has been founded on the input of hardworking and selfless immigrants, who were at one time foreigners, necessitating the need to treat illegal immigrant in a similar dignified and respectable manner (Knight 23).

The awarding of citizenship to most illegal immigrants would provide the families and individuals with a place to call home. It is vital to note that most illegal immigrants come into the nation while in search of “greener” opportunities (Bhachu 56). Curtailing them citizenship will leave them stranded and distracted as most people undergo through unimaginable torment and hardship just so that they can gain access into a foreign but promising land (Knight 37). Furthermore, as illegal immigrants, most individuals dwell in fear from being deported to their hopeless nations of birth, an aspect that provokes them to live always on the lookout. By awarding the immigrant families a home, they would be able to confidently settle into their desired state, and play a positive role in nurturing the development of the region.

Granting illegal immigrants’ citizenship would go a long way in nurturing equality and tolerance especially amongst the majority communities who observe the immigrants as unworthy and undeserving. In the history of America, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and even former American president Obama are all individuals who had hope for America as a state that would embrace each other’s differences, all in a bid to create a fully functional and healthy utopia-like national community (Clibborn 468). The unbiased embrace of illegal immigrants would play a crucial role in provoking the harmonious existence of majority and minority communities living in the nation In conclusion, granting illegal immigrants citizenship is the only responsible approach that would work in favor of America, as well as other similar nations. From an economic perspective, family perspective, and leadership insight the approach would go a long way to settle the differences that currently thrive in America and other comparable states.

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