Is Stable Family Vital for a Successful Society?

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To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society? What is a family? A family is a group that consists of adults and children that care for one another. When describing a family, people would usually talk about love, care, company and relationships. What is a stable family? To me, a stable family is one that is able to financially support the members of the family in terms of their daily necessities and school fees for the children.

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“Is Stable Family Vital for a Successful Society?”

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It should also be able to maintain healthy relationships mentally, emotionally and physically, such as showing love and care between one another. Mutual trust between the members and of cause loyalty among each other as well. A society consists of the people. In other words, people makes up the society. 

A successful society then, would also mean that it is made up of successful people. There is a saying that goes “ Every successful man would have a supportive woman behind him.” Family is the support to a person when he/she is out in the world, working or studying.

Family is a group of people whom we can run to when things don’t turn out well, or when we want to share our joy and successes with. It is important that a successful person have a stable family back at home that is able to give mental support to that person in good and bad times.

Thus, a stable family is vital for a successful society. Family provides emotional nourishment for members. When members are emotionally filled, they would least likely have the need to seek for unnecessary attention in the society. Many people that came from families who do not provide this emotional nourishment and ended up committing crimes to seek the attention of other people around them. 

Example, news have shown that many children that came from families that are well to do went to the extent of stealing items from shops even though they weren’t of any use to them.

All for a reason of wanting to seek attention from their parents for care and concern. Teenagers also resort to joining gangs as they could not find the brotherly love and care that they receive from their gang members in their family. Statistics have shown that in Singapore, 40% of the gang members in most gangs are teenagers and these rates are constantly ncreasing through the years. These gangs teach them how to smoke, how to steal and fight, which are against the laws of society and unhealthy for the body. Thus, it is important for a family to be able to provide emotional nourishment for members so that love would not have to be obtained from anywhere else.

A stable family would be able to do so, by having healthy relationships with their members. Hence, it is vital as it helps to promote peace within the society. 

A stable family provides financial support for members. In times of need for money whether it is for education, investment in a business, clear debts, or medical help, family members are there to give support. They are there to help you to become successful in your business, they are there to help support you to further your studies and they are also there for you to help you when you are in times of need.

With such financial support, people will have equal opportunities to be successful in life and to do things that they desire to do in life. Also, members would be able to undergo any medical treatments or checkups to ensure that they are healthy and remain healthy. A society with people who are frail and weak in their immune system would not be able to contribute much to the society. Hence, a society with weak and frail people would not be considered as a successful society. Success can be brought upon to people if everyone is healthy and have equal opportunities to excel in the things that they are good at.

Hence, financial support is important in providing such opportunities and medical support for the people as a foundation for their success resulting in a successful society. 

On the other hand, a stable family may not necessarily be vital for a successful society. There are other factors that contribute to a success of a society other than having a stable family.

Having a good government who would help to maintain peace and think for the future of our society. The government is the leadership of our society, they will direct us on our next move, how to progress and ensure that we build a society that is mentally healthy, financially stable, low in crime rates and have social harmony. We all live in a society that is not perfect, there are people who are rich and people who are poor, people who are healthy and eople who are weak. However, government plays an important role in our society to ensure that everyone’s needs are taken care off. 

Especially those who require special needs, such as the blind, deaf, mute, handicapped and paralyzed.

However, having said all this, a good government would also have come from a family. His/Her family has to be stable to be able to provide our government with the adequate studies and moral values to teach him/her what is right and what is wrong. Thus, a stable family is still vital for a successful society. Having schools that educate children well is also another way in developing a successfully society. Schools are the places where every minister, doctors, lawyers, social workers, office workers, bosses, gang leaders and prostitutes have gone before.

They were all educated under the same education system. Thus, for a stable society to be developed the people would have to be well educated on their moral values and skills. This would enable them to in return give something back to the society. Education is the key to success.

Not in the form of subjects but in moral values. If everyone is taught the same moral values and learns to do the right things and the right time, society would become a better place and successful society can be developed. However, it is impossible for everyone to be educated the same way, it is impossible for every family to be able to provide school fees for their children to attend school. 

A successful society is not only made up of the rich people and well to do people, but it is also made up of the poorer families who are unable to provide education for their children. In this case, a stable family is thus able to provide this lack of education in their children. Teach them the right moral values and guide them along as they grow up.

We all know that whatever we learn from young, we’ll bring it with us all the way until we grow old. Education from young is the key and a stable family is vital in doing so to develop a successful society.

Therefore, I feel that a stable family is vital for a successful society in providing the foundations for the people within the society. Supporting them, emotionally and financially. Hence, with such foundations in place, a successful society can thus be built upon it.

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