The Similarities between Online Classes and Traditional Classes

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Students everyday have the choice of taking online classes or the traditional classes. To those classes, they have their pros and cons; but also they do have their similarities. Online classes are convenient, but you can get lost in communication with your instructor, or even your classmates. On the other hand, traditional classes are good for having face-to-face interaction with your teacher, or even your classmates. If you live far from your campus though, you may have to relocate which can be hard for you to do. There are some things that are similar though, for example, you can interact with students from around the world and you could also make study groups.

The convenience of online classes is very nice. Basically if you have internet access and a way to get online, you are able to do what you have to do. You can do your school work at home, at the library, or even at a café. Flexibility is another big thing that is nice about online schooling, You are able to do your school work at any time of the day as long as you turn it in by the due date. So you can work any hours you really need to, and be able to do your homework during your free time. On the other hand, you're able to keep your job as well. You can work during the day or you can even work during the night and you will still be able to do your homework. Lastly, you don't have to relocate. Online schooling is so that you don't have to travel or so that you do not have to move somewhere else. Which makes it convenient to be able to stay at home and save money.

Traditional classes are good for face-to-face interaction with instructors and classmates. Being able to have face-to-face interaction with your teacher may make learning feel a little easier. As you're in class, you are able to ask your instructor questions whenever you need help. Lastly, getting face-to-face interaction with your classmates is good because you can make friends. Also if you sit next to someone and they understand what is going on, you can even ask them for help if the teacher is busy.

Along with good things to online classes, they also come with some downfalls. It is easy to forget to communicate with people and it is easy to procrastinate. You could have a problem with something about the class, and just not do the assignment. When really if you would have just emailed your teacher, you could have fixed the problem and got your homework done. A lot of times people may not ask questions either. You try to hurry up and get all your homework done and don't bother asking questions because you'll just go with what the grade is. Then lastly, people just won't do their homework at all. They may just forget in general about their classes because they don't have to physically go to a room and listen to your instructor.

Traditional classes have ils downfalls, Relocating could be a big one for multiple people. People will have to leave jobs that they may have had for a very long time, and because they have to move, they have to find a new job. Some people have separation anxiety with their parents. Also, some kids don't have a choice of schooling maybe because of their parents. So this means that they are going to have to move away from their parents. Which for some people may be a huge deal. Lastly, having to pay four housing could be a problem for people that have to move to go to college. Some people may be able to get help with their housing, but then some others may have to actually work and pay rent every month. Houses that are close to campuses can get pretty pricey, so having to pay rent each month could be a challenge for some people.

Along with all the good and bad things about online classes and traditional classes, they also have a couple similarities. One similarity is that you're able to meet people from all around the world. Being in an online class, students can access the class from anywhere as long as they have intemet access.

So that means people from everywhere can take that one class in the same school. In traditional classes, people from all over the world can move and go to that same campus that you are at. So that means they could take the same class as you as well. Another thing that these classes have in common is that you can make study groups. When you're online, you can video chat or even meet up if you are all in the same area and study together. While in traditional classes, you have people in the same room as you, so you can make plans to meet up and study, or even study in the classroom. So, as said in the beginning, students do have the choice to choose how to take their classes. They have online, or you have the traditional classroom classes. Both have great benefits, but they do have their downfalls. Choosing the way you learn, and the way that is most convenient for you can be tough. Whether you leam best on your own, or having someone lecture you for a few hours, you should always look into what best fits you.

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