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FJC Task 2 Student Name: Jayland A1. Current Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance: Jayland, age 16, has just entered the 11th grade. He is currently placed in an AP science class and has completed honors English. Jayland at the appropriate level in his math classes and will finish Calculus in grade 12. Jayland completed three classes that were offered online (psychology, computer literacy, and US history), and received an A in each of those three classes. Jayland’s grades were all B’s, but science, where he received an A+. Jayland struggles with independent reading and spelling and is below grade level in both areas.

Jayland also struggles with writing legibly and his work is often messy, unorganized, and incomplete. It takes Jayland a substantial amount of time compared to his peers to accomplish written assignments if it is high quality when completed. Jayland exhibits average/superior cognitive abilities even though the Woodcock-Johnson IV shows Jayland at an equivalent to grade 6.5 in basic reading skills and an equivalent to grade 9.6 in written expression. Results from Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition indicate that Jayland’s cognitive abilities range are average/superior but the 19-point gap between his verbal and non-verbal percentile ranks makes it a struggle to decipher his abilities with a combined score. Jayland’s psychologist tested Jayden using SB-V, which showed that Jayland has a high/average Full Scale IQ score of 110. He shows superior fluid reasoning with a factor score of 123 but shows relatively low phonetic skills that are affected by a basic reading composite score that fell one standard deviation under the mean. Because of Jayland’s Full Scale IQ score of 110, which indicates that he has high average cognitive functioning, Jayland’s score points towards the Jayland having a

learning disability in the area of reading. A2. Strengths of Student: Jayland is an extremely social young man.

He engages with his peers, is kind, and likes to be around others. He has a sense of humor and is fun to talk with. His love of science has led to new friendships and to him forming a “rocks” club. Jayland is smart and is a hard worker. His teachers have noticed that Jayland is a good leader and have asked him to help other students at times. Jayland excels his in Science and Honors English classes. Jayland performs at grade level in math with the grade of a B and will take calculus next year. Jayland also received an A+ in Science. A2. Interests and Preferences of Student: Jayland shows an active and long standing interest in science and is also interested in rock collecting. Jayland is very social and prefers working in groups, engaging with his peers. Jayland prefers to use recordings for reading assignments when allowed and prefers to use the computer to accomplish lengthy assignments. Jayland also enjoyed taking three online classes, which seemed contribute greatly to his success. By using an online format, Jayland stated that he felt that he did not feel as rushed and was able to learn more. He also stated that he was able to review hs work as many times as he needed and write comments to communicate with his teachers. A3. Post-Secondary Goals Community Living After graduation, Jayland will obtain his driver’s license. Employment After graduation, Jayland will obtain employment as a geologist. Post- Secondary Education/Training After graduation, Jayland will attend a four year university and earn a bachelors in Geology High School Transition Activities to Meet the Goals Post-Secondary Goal Topic A4.

One Specific Activity Related to the goal A3. One Person Responsible A5. Hypothetical Date of Completion A5. Projected Date of High School Graduation Community Living Jayland will enroll in a driver’s training course in preparation for obtaining his driver’s license. Jayland’s parents May, 2019 May, 2020 Employment Jayland will job shadow a local geologist. Jayland’s general ed teacher September, 2019 Post- Secondary Education/Training Jayland will speak with a local college representative regarding online classes as well as classes that must be taken at the college which would prepare him for a job in the field of geology. Jayland’s SPED teacher December, 2019 B. Explain what methods and tools you might use to gather information and establish the transition priorities and needs for the chosen student: To establish Jayland’s post-secondary goals for community living, an independent living assessment was given to Jayland. An independent living assessment was given to help Jayland to identify his needs and to determine goals and services that Jayland’s may use at resources after high school graduation to make the transition to living in the community and making life decisions on his own easier. Because Jayland wants to attend college online but will also need to travel to the college for certain classes, he will need to obtain his driver’s permit, enroll and complete a driver’s training course, and then obtain his driver’s license. By obtaining his driver’s license before he enrolls in college, it will allow Jayden to be able drive to the college when needed.

To establish Jayland’s post-secondary goals for employment as well as his post-secondary education and training, a career/educational interest assessment was given to Jayland. This assessment helps those who will be graduating high school determine what their career and/or college major may be based on their interests. The results of the interest survey indicate that Jayland would enjoy education/training and employment in the field of geology. Direct observation from Jayland’s parents and teachers also indicate that Jayland has also shown a strong interest in rocks, winning numerous prizes in science fair contests for his presentations about geological history, use of rocks and mineral, etc. Jayland also has been collecting rocks since the second grade and eventually formed a “rocks” club at school that included his peers. B1. Justify your choices above using scholarly sources: The post-secondary goals and transition needs of Jayland were based on the results of an independent living assessment as well as an interest assessment that were given to Jayland along with the direct observations from his parents and teachers. By using these assessments and observations to determine. Jayland’s post-secondary goals, he will be given the tools to use.

That will help him to make gradual progress in his skills, knowledge. Experiences, and maintaining contacts with resources to work toward achieving his desired goals after high school graduation. ('Measurable Postsecondary Goals and Transition Needs:Special Education:EMSC:NYSED', 2019) C. List of Participants C1. Justification of Participants. And their supporting role in the goals listed above in A3. Jayland’s parents To find out about and how to participate in helping Jayland to reach is post-secondary goals Jayland’s SPED teacher To answer any questions or to aid in helping Jayland obtain his post-secondary goals. One of Jayland’s general ed teachers. To answer any questions or to aid in helping Jayland obtain his post-secondary goals. A representative of Jayland’s school system. To provide or to oversee that Jayland is provided. With any appropriate instruction or accommodations that he may need. Someone who can interpret Jayland’s evaluation results.

To interpret and explain Jayland’s evaluation results and answer any questions regarding them Jayland To self-advocate in determining his future through post-secondary goals A representative from the local college To answer any questions Jayland or his parents may have regarding online or traditional college classes.

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