The Role of Motivation in Choosing a Doctor’s Career

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Patient care have been experiencing widespread change recently because 21st century dwellers are getting sicker. Older and prone to more chronic conditions than in the past. The old healthcare model, designed around acute care is not applicable again. Thus, professional nurses who are ready to lose themselves in the service others are now in high demand in the healthcare field. Which implies that putting all passion and effort in one’s job to brings. About satisfaction and greatest result that can benefit one personally and the society in general. Technical and leadership skill amongst oncology nurses. Is very essential to build patient centered care and be successful in the career. In other to flourish as a nurse. Priorities like providing high quality care, creating a safe environment. Ensuring patients safety and getting rid of all barriers. Which can interrupt working conditions and disasters in the healthcare field should be considered.

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“The Role of Motivation in Choosing a Doctor’s Career”

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Motivational skills is essential in providing satisfactory patient-centered care. Because the long term attainable goal already planned to benefit and lift up. The healthcare field is exhibited, It is related to job satisfaction that keep workers at the job over time. Although, work related negative feature like burnout and workplace psychological harassment tends. To affect motivations in nurses and safety in general which makes nurses motivational skill decrease. Efficiency and passion is important when nurses demonstrate great motivational skill. Because it boost the desire to provide quality care to the patient. Which implies that “Workaholic nurses are extrinsically motivated” because they work based on instrumental value and not by the enjoyment gotten from the job (Toode 249). Individual background factors like age and gender is associated with nurses inspiration as the level of skills seems to increase and reach the top level at the middle of the profession. Experienced nurses “over 35 are more motivated”. By knowledge and accomplishment gained within that period of time. “Female nurses are more motivated” than male associate because sex role and family obligation tend. To strengthen work performance (Razee 30). If psychological issue and factors such as age and organizational issues can be handled and overcomed personally without considering the age and gender quality healthcare that will build trust and bring professionalism in the career will be attained.

Patients’ view concerning the level of the care received are extremely reliant on the level of interactions with the caregiver. Healthcare providers should directly have effect on the care of patients and families through the use of curative communication and being open to inputs transmitted by the victim by applying creativity to enhance issues that need to be solved. Professionalism in giving proper and precise feedback. Is becoming alarming in the patient care setting. Nurses should be able to provide answers to difficult questions. Like “am I dying” which does not have a particular answer. But creative and motivational ways can be applied to give accurate respond to the question to reduce patient anxiety. And mistrust in the organization (Baer 45). Statements said should also be put in a very understandable manner by using lay terms and “competency for end-of-life care” that require nurses to communicate sensitively with patients, families and other healthcare team.(Coyne 46). This will help nurses attain the skills required. And if a patient has a particular hope focused at a fixed goal. It will be suitable to find a way to achieve this goal if restorative communication and strategies are displayed while working.

Occupational maturity and stability is a crucial element in perception of the advancement of vocational path and successful choice makings for future. The problems of environments in this modern era has brought very diverse and different methods. Elevated working pressure in nurses results to low quality of working state such that after work, intelligence and occupational maturity of nurses is at a “level less than 99%” but if the quality of life can be high, opportunity in solving problems, creating mutual benefit, great satisfaction and efficiency of workers will occur (Anvari 46) A dependable source for the management to settle the dispute of order and chaos is “intellectual intelligence” which lead to recognition of the ethics of employees and build reliance between healthcare workers (Maleki 45). Based on this, having a good view on the contemporary stability within the system drift more attention to promotion job and delivering quality care.

The greatest pressure experienced by nurses in time is stabilizing work with personal life because throughout the history of nursing their have issue of personnel shortage which increases the issue of stress. Regardless of this, It is very important to be able to tolerate. And manage stress properly by nurses in other to avoid causing negative effect on the healthcare worker. Patient and organizations involved. Most Personal issues with job demands are “positively. Associated with emotional exhaustion” that raises the level of stress involved in patient care (Donoso 806). Collaborative management by creating environments of teamwork. And creativity can enable nurse flourish and focus on their duty. Time management will also ensure proper stress management. Because one of the main factor for stress is the “shortened length of time” (Turley 205). Provided to nurses to deliver complete care to patient. Which causes inefficiency and difficulty in delivering quality care which most caregivers find hard to shed light on. Therefore nurses should be able to overcome emotional labor. And be flexible to any procedure that can benefit the patient and create end-life-goal. This can be solved by “empowering nurses against stress” (Jafar 398) and making proper planning and schedules to ensure proper stress tolerance and encouraging adequate rest and exercise after work.

Nurses’ creativity plays a significant role in health and well-being. They are critically positioned to provide creative solutions for current and future global health challenges.

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