Medical Creed Applies – my Career

The way that the Medical Creed and Law and Ethics apply to my career, a medical assistant, is that as a person pursuing this career I should have a great deal of discipline. Not only because there will be many responsibilities but I also will be entrusted with the care and well-being of all my patients. Law and Ethics in the health care profession will help me perform at the highest possible level, providing proficient, kind care to patients. Also to help me avoid legal entanglements that can threaten my ability to earn a living as a medical assistant. Having an understanding of law and ethics can also help me understand the rights, responsibilities, and concerns of patients. We all have our own moral values, depending on our family, culture, and society. Taking that in mind my morals might be different than the patient I am treating so I cannot share my beliefs or opinions with the patient. I believe that if you choose this profession you are a person that will give the best customer service you can to achieve full patient satisfaction in every way. This creed explains things that I believe should somewhat come naturally if you are a professional. It is about etiquette, moral values, and respect for yourself and the community. You as a health care practitioner have to set boundaries, for example if you are going through some personal issues, you shouldn’t bring them to your work environment. Your patients should always come first at your workplace. Showing courtesy and compassion for the patient’s situation or feelings is the practice of good manners in the work place. Understanding that I am being entrusted with the patient’s personal problems that might cause them embarrassment, I should take into consideration of their privacy from others in the same area. A capability that as a medical assistant should have is common sense. You should in a given situation see which solution or action makes good sense. Additional capabilities are good people skills and technical skills. People skills come in role with good customer service such as, good communication, patience, having an understanding of others, having a relaxed attitude are some good people skills we should have in a health care setting. Technical skills include computer literacy, a willingness to learn new skills and techniques, ability to document well, ability to think critically along with other things. With modern technology of medicine is constantly advancing, a person with this profession will never stop learning new techniques to do their job well. You have to be willing to accept the good and bad criticism of your employer and colleagues. This creed is like a guideline meant to guide us health care professionals to provide the best care possible for every patient we encounter and to protect the safety and welfare of every patient. By following the Medical Creed, I believe that as a health care practitioner, I will demonstrate the qualities required by my employer and with a working knowledge of law and ethics, I will most likely find success and job satisfaction as a medical assistant.

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