Religion and Beliefs in Political System in the Crucible

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Our founding fathers of our nation decided that this nation was not going to be governed by belief and faith. They actually decided that they would separate the church from the state because that way they would rule from actual facts and not belief and religion. The person that came up with this idea was Thomas jefferson. Also the first amendment of the constitution of the united states says that congress shouldnt make any law according to religion. The separation of the church and the state goes back to to January 1,1802. There is also another section in the constitution under article six that states that no religious test should be used to qualify for office or gain trust in the United States. Also the separation of the state from the church also goes back to secularism.

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“Religion and Beliefs in Political System in the Crucible”

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But the main reason that the our founders chided for the state to be separated was so other events didn’t happen like in the crucible that people became superstitious about religious events against witchcraft and thought that everything that happened and wasn’t good or unlucky was because of witchcraft. All of these events ended up in a lot of innocent people dying and trials that just lead to more problems and finally the ruler of the town just called it off because the people started to make a assumptions from his wife. So that people don’t go through all of these things and actually could govern according to actual facts and beliefs and ideas, the founders of our country separated the church from the state. I believe that Thomas Jefferson was trying to separate the church from the state because he was not trying to make a country with a particular religion but instead free from belief so that people could come here be able have freedom of expression without the government interfering. Also another important thing was that Jefferson didnt believe that the government would be able to work even if it was influenced a tiny little bit by a religion or it’s leaders. Nothing has really changed since 1802. As far as 2018 religious things are kept away from government positions and building prayers services are also kept away from schools. I believe that we have done a great job keeping the church separated from the state because we as a country have fought to be free from any kind of ideas but only the right ones.

Another example that I have is that he have evolved a lot since the time of the Salem witch trials and really have moved away from beliefs and have actually given the benefit of the thought to the government because they have always sticked with the scientific way of things really go in depth to figure out why certain things actually happen and tried to use facts to prove things not just because we believe things happen because we are cursed. I believe that as a society have have really changed over time have seen how somethings are just to silly. Another example that I believe that we have been successful at separating the church from the state is we have allowed the government to rule with their ideas and also allowed the church to have its own opinions and ways of looking at things but at the same time let the government rule and everyone is happy. The people that support the government follow the ideas and opinions the government makes and the people that follow the church listen to the church and says as it say. I truly believe we have been successful so that both system work together. But like always there are somethings that the government disagrees with the church so they have to work together to come to an agreement that makes both parties happy.

There are also times were religion and beliefs have intertwined in our political system. One topic that is very big and important in todayr’s world is abortion. This topic interferes with religion because we believe as Catholics that it is the action of killing a child. But others like the government believe that it is your choice if you want to keep your baby and raise it or have and abortion and get rid of it. There is evidence that a baby has life when it is a cell and starts to grow in a mother. Another thing is that abortion is literally killing a baby. Another example that other beliefs outside of religion have interfered with our justice system is in the deal with the Salem witch trials and how they hanged a much of people because they didnt confess that they were witches when in reality were not really witches at all.

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