Distinction between Four Different Areas of Organizational Leadership

After completing the Leadership Orientations Questionnaire and analyzing my findings, my scores are as follows: Structural (15), Human Resource (20), Political (12), and Symbolic (13). My leadership style and ideology are emphasized in the areas of Human resources and Structural. While interpreting my results, I scored highest in the Human Resources and Structural areas of organizational leadership. My Leadership style and disposition do highlight the qualities of both a Human Resource Leader and a Structural Leader.

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“Distinction between Four Different Areas of Organizational Leadership”

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“The Human Resource Framework places people first, which is very similar to stewardship or servant leadership where participation in decision making and problem- solving are primary components of the model.” The central theme is improving the fit between the individual and the organization”. As a Human Resource Leader, I find it imperative to value the significance of people and their well-being. It’s equally important to mentor, engage, and empower employees. The primary mission of Human Resource Leaders is to be successful at creating a morally correct relationship between employees and organizations. Next, I analyzed my second-highest score in the area of Structural Leadership.

“The Structural Framework focuses on how to find some pattern of formal roles and relationships that will accommodate organizational needs as well as individual differences”. Again, I agree with these results. Not only does the descriptions emphasize my work style, but it also gives attention to my personal beliefs. As a Structural Leader, I do possess the ability to spotlight logical explanations, scrutinize things when needed and exhibit analytical methods. I’m a firm believer that the primary focus of any organization should be to successfully achieve goals and objectives. On the contrary, I scored lowest in Political Framework and Symbolic Framework. I can completely understand why.

The Political Framework is where the political leaders understand the reality of the politics in the organization and deal with them. Typically, a Political Leader will use various circumstances to exercise power. They develop power by negotiating, forcing, or manipulating others to win. When it comes to set particular goals and objectives, a Political Leader will provide the opportunity to make interests known. “The Symbolic Framework draws on social and cultural anthropology. The organization is thought to be akin to tribes or theater; they are cultures that operate based on ceremonies, rituals, rules, myths, policies, stories, heroes, and managerial authority”. Symbolic Leaders believe the critical duty of management is to contribute observation and creativity. When setting goals and objectives typically they will develop symbols and shared values.

After mapping my results my scores intersect perfectly with my leadership style and capabilities. For Human Resources, Political, and Symbolic Leaders out of a sample of 700 managers, I rated in the 50 percentile. When it comes to being a Structural Leader I was in the 75 percentile. In which frames of leadership will you need additional development? In closing, a Leader should have attributes of all four different frameworks in order to adapt to any situation and organization. Personally, I need to expand on my lowest scored areas which are Political and Symbolic. I’m sure it would be beneficial to have a better understanding of Politics, in addition to, being comfortable with conflict. 

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