The Online Seminar i’ve been Waiting for

Ms. Shahad Alnasser told us earlier that we are going to attend this Business fundamental: Effective Communication workshop so I honestly was very excited about it. Especially when I knew that it will be an online workshop I got even more excited because I have never attended one before so I am very glad for this opportunity and the new experience. The subject of the workshop is very interesting and enjoyable. I believe that it will benefit me in my job in the future and even in my personal life. Therefore I’m looking forward to developing my communication skills and improving myself in this workshop. This workshop focuses on earning a practical foundation in communication, to enhance our personal effectiveness. Also in this workshop, I was able to share some ideas, comments, and questions. I also enjoyed having some quizzes to review my knowledge which improved my comprehension of the subject.

Analysis of learning:

The main key learning in this workshop was about the importance of good communication and the advantages that you will get of being a good communicator. Because communication helps you to have effective relationships not only in the university but also in your future job with your colleagues and business partners too. it helps you to become more of a cooperative person. From a personal experience I remember in my first semester at college I was very bad at team activities and I did not like this kind of activities, because I was not a great communicator at all. But after a while, I understood how important communication is between the team members as Chris Anderson agrees with me that each important component of human advancement has happened simply because people have shared ideas to one another, and after that, they collaborated to transform those thoughts into reality, so people have turned spoken words into actual achievements by communicating with each other. (Anderson, 2019) so I handled things really well after, that in many times I enjoyed being the leader. Now I am in my second semester and I actually started to have fun when I am in a team activity due to the good communication skills that I have gained earlier that made me a better team player.

Also this workshop focus on what communication requires such as interacting with people, the shared messages between a sender and a receiver through sounds, words, images, videos, spoken or body language. Therefore you have to make sure that you understand your audience really well. So you have to tailor the method of communication to suit them as much as possible. If you want to enhance and develop your communication work on the recipient not the utter. (Drucker, 2019). Also, do not expect that they will share your perspectives because that might lead to misunderstandings, that is why it is very necessary to be prepared for meeting people for the first time who may be from a different context. That will help you to meet your objectives and build good relationships in business.

meetings have many purposes. Just like any other form of business communication, meetings are considered a great chance to meet colleagues, managers, and customers to brainstorm, share thoughts, solve problems collectively, and make consensus-based decisions. Meetings sometimes have one or more objectives. For instance, share information and make a decision at the same meeting. Also, it takes a lot of time, effort, and vitality. That’s why it is important to organize them well. Because good meetings do not happen suddenly, they are the aftereffect of good arranging. The time you spend before will result in significant advantages later (Rebori, 2019). So if they are very long, unfocused, and badly organized it is going to be a waste of the time that we could have used to carry out more productive tasks. If you will have the chance to participate in any kind of a meeting, make sure to read the agenda and the documents before the meeting to avoid wasting everybody’s time.

Evaluation of learning: 

This workshop made me understand how important communication is and how to be a good communicator by applying the principles of effective communication. I strongly agree that we all should improve our communication skills in both personal life and in our jobs. Because it is designed to help us see how communication works in our personal, professional, social lives. For example, communication skills are considered so important to have a healthy society. To be effective, express ideas, and evaluate them (Wood, 2019). After what I learned I will make sure in the future to always prepare for the meetings that I will take part in. Or if I participated in teamwork activities I will try my best to communicate with them always. I also learned how to plan and create more persuading presentations and run more profitable meetings. Overall, the workshop was great I loved about it that it was an online workshop which I mentioned earlier was my first time, it was not boring at all like the usual workshops. But, it included a lot of information so it took me a very long time to finish it.  

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