Communication in the Online Learning Environment

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 Looking closely into online learning environments, there are two different types of people who consist of two different learning habits. You have the, “read only participants,” who glance or, “skim,” over readings and tend to crutch off of others works before posting their own (Nagel, 2001). They in turn, do not benefit from the classroom discussions due to their lack of full engagement and poor communication. They also do not put full efforts into research papers or other assignments. Then, there are students who genuinely want to learn and build on their knowledge. They are setting aside adequate time to ensure they are performing to the absolute best of their abilities.

 They are also participating fully in discussions and providing positive feedback to their peers as well as instructor. In doing so, they are benefiting not only themselves, but everyone else in the classroom because they are opening up a line of communication correctly. According to The Teaching Center at Washington University In St. Louis, it is crucial to build and house an online environment where everyone is giving the same chances to learn and participate, but they are able to have their own opinions and viewpoints (The Teaching Center 2009). Allowing everyone to have their own opinions and viewpoints will benefit the entire class so everyone is exposed to potentially new point of views.

Nagel, explains an experiment that is facilitated by a LMS (Learning Management System,) which keeps a record off every student’s participation and performances on discussion posts and assignments. This experiment consisted of an 8 week course that included discussion posts, group assignments, as well as individual assignments. The experiment’s results were rather widespread. However, it was evident that the ones who did not put in the time or effort were not successful in the classroom.

On the contrary, the ones that put in adequate time and effort succeeded in the classroom and learned as much as they could while doing the required work. “These metrics, however, have poor individual predictive value because the great diversity of students in the cohort included numerous exceptions.” (Nagel, 2001). With such a widespread variety of ethnic backgrounds and ages, there is no way to fully predict what the outcome of one student’s grade will look like because the only one who can determine that is themself.

The experiment truly showcases the importance of fully participating in your learning environment even though it is considered to be online. Ensure that you are engaging fully in classroom forum postings and responding thoroughly to classmates. When completing assignments, ensure that you are setting aside an adequate amount of time that allows you to complete the necessary research and any preparation time that you may need. If you slack off in your work and perform at the bare minimum, why would you expect anything less than a bare minimum grade? Not fully engaging in classroom discussions is only hurting one person and that’s you. The purpose of these posts are to learn and enhance communication skills with your peers and build off of each others acquired knowledge.


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