What is Online Dating?

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The internet has become more popular in this generation. Now being able to keep in touch with people and chat online has led to online dating. The idea of meeting online can be exciting, but can also have many setbacks. Online dating should have its restrictions in order to keep people safe.

These days’ people have become shyer to the fact of having to meet face to face and have settled for online dating. Online dating comes with its flaws of people easily being able to lie about something as simple as their age. A MTV show called ""catfish"" hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph bases their show on meeting people all over the country who have relationships online with people who they have never met or video chat with before. “It gives us a really good insight into why people feel the need to lie about themselves on the internet."" (Tanya Ghanremari) Prior to officially online dating there should be a way for you to do in depth research or at least video chat the person to make sure they are who they really who they claim to be.

Dating online can be convenient and exciting, especially having a variety so you’ll find the right one for you. In the mist of all that you may find yourself in bad situations. “57 perecnt of women and 21 percent of men has reported to being harassed through online dating.” (Survey by consumer research) Going into online dating people don’t think about the consequences of not knowing someone well enough. If the person doesn’t fit what you might be looking for and you end up trying to leave the relationship that has been built it may go wrong. Only seeing the person online doesn’t give you a clear idea of how they would really be if you had spent a real day with them. This could lead you into getting harassed or even stalked by this unknown person.

Video chat is a safe way to meet someone online and actually see who you are communicating with. At the start of the online dating there should be a way to video chat one another. In today’s society both androids and iPhone’s have ways of communicating through video, but many dating sites have chosen not to add video to their apps” Even if a business has the funds and capability to add videos to its service, there’s the concern of bad behavior”( Megan Farokhmanesh) Knowing that dating sites wouldn’t want to help their customers be sure of who their dating through adding a video option makes you wonder if the owner of these sites are okay with people getting “catfished”. On the other hand, there have been many successful online dating experience’s that have resulted in meeting who they were actually talking to online and may end up getting married. This may be due to the fact that they have done their research or have opted for the video chatting option. People believe that online dating is harmless and is a great way to find someone that matches your criteria, which may sometime be true. They may not realize that online trolls do exists and are out there ready to ruin someone’s online dating experience.

Online dating is a serious part of many peoples life’s knowing that their too shy to interact in reality, it is important to remember that online dating is best used as a resource to meet individuals for eventual face-to-face dating. Online dating without going through safety precautions can be dangerous and can lead to its setbacks. It is important that one makes sure that even if you believe the person on the other sides of the screen, it is still important to protect yourself and do your research.

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