The Importance of Respect and Responsibility Among Students in School

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To be responsible is to be aware of what affects your actions have on a wider scale. Someone who is responsible knows that they can easily change the lives of everyone around them, and act accordingly. It isn’t all about how you interact with others, however. Often, a lack of self-respect leads to a lack of shared respect, whether it be in a moral, physical, or emotional way. If you believe that you are not worthy of being in a school, that you are not smart enough to keep up with those around you, it shows. Disruptions in classes, purposeful task avoidance, and other infractions are all tied to dwindling self esteem. This paper will outline clear criticisms in such selfish, irresponsible acts.

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“The Importance of Respect and Responsibility Among Students in School”

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Being a responsible student is in a different realm entirely. For one, your insecurities going to change the quality of your work – and subsequently, your time in highschool. This carries into the rise of group work and projects in schools; if you wouldn’t do the assignment on your own, you certainly won’t want to do it with other people. Having responsibilities not only set by the school but by yourself help achieve different goals. A responsible student understands that the homework, quizzes, tests, etc. may be trivial, but still need to be done. They don’t jeopardize their future by messing around and not paying attention. It can be hard for many, especially at adolescent age, but is a very necessary evil. A teen who doesn’t care turns into an adult who doesn’t care, simply festering on the edge of society – waiting to be told what to do.

Defiance doesn’t really help, especially in the form of snickering to oneself about how morally/intellectually superior you are. As stated before, responsibility in a school setting easily transpires into various social responsibilities. High Tech is a school which, from the very beginning, has states a project-based curriculum. While the amount of projects may have been surprising, their presence should not be.

So, when someone is irresponsible in their own lives and schoolwork, it greatly affects those who they are partnered with. The ways that these people are irresponsible are incredibly selfish, a mantra of, ‘well, I don’t want to,’. Often, those who are upset by this are told to grow up, that in the real world there will always be people we don’t like. The problem is that it goes a lot deeper than ‘not liking’ someone, the older we get. If someone who is school-conscious, constantly checking grades and maintaining their GPA is partnered with an individual as previously stated, their lives are compromised. But of course, this concern is not the teacher’s problem. Schools should have more of a focus on social responsibility – examples on how you act will affect others. That way, highschool will be a better time for everyone, and no one will need to sit and write paragraphs upon paragraphs about responsibility.

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