Importance of Common Sense and Respect

Common Sense, something the people on this Earth lacks. It doesn’t matter what age. Nine year olds, to Eighty-Three year olds. We all have our ups and downs when it comes to knowledge. For example, a three year old may think you’re supposed to breathe underwater, while the thirty-four year old mother would think otherwise. You aren’t just born with common sense, you have to learn your way through it. Experience, gains you more. What is common sense? It’s what you think, others should know. If you think Hillary is better than Trump, you’re goal is to advocate those who think apart from you. However, common sense isn’t as common or sense anymore. Out of Seven billion people on this world, not one person has not lacked in it. Sound judgment isn’t a big thing currently. You can determine this by looking around. Many don’t have common sense, due to certain decisions. Sense, meaning a feeling in which something is the case, is our own beliefs. If we think something, we are so wrapped up in our own mind, that that’s the only thing that’s right. For instance, if I think longboards are better than skateboards, (in which I do) then that’s what I think is right, and I will try my best to confirm that my opinion is right. But common sense isn’t just about what you think and if it’s right or not. It’s sometimes what you say. If you say “I love you” to your uncle, their will be a reaction of affection. (hopefully) If you say “Fuck you” to your father, that’s not common sense. He is raising you, you are living under his house, his rules, and you are not to disrespect him.

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“Importance of Common Sense and Respect”

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There’s the next word. Respect. Something that all deserve at least a little of. Almost anything will earn you respect in the eyes of anyone. If you obey one, and continue to do so, you will have earned respect. Basically, to gain respect, you must be respectful. Make respect an attitude, a mood. I’m feeling respectful. I’m respectful. And do things, and say things, until that statement is true. When you have been respected or have gained respect, you should feel proud, as if you have achieved something, for some do many things to get the smallest amount of respect. Some people even die for it. If you are in jail, one of the main goals is to “Do anything and everything you can, even if the smallest amount of respect is all you get.” (Jeremy Ong) It doesn’t matter who it is you are respecting, or trying to get respect from, the main goal is to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you treat one with hatred and cruelness, the only thing you’d be getting back is the same. (unless this person truly cares for you, or unless it’s a frightened dog, who only wants your attention and love)

In the end, common sense, the one thing most lack, is something we should should train to gain more of, and respect, something most want. So use common sense to earn respect. Thank you. 

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