Law that Allows High School Students to Start School at Ten O’Clock

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High school can be very stressful due to the amount of work students do at school and at home. Students are constantly pressured to stay on top of their work and also participate in extra-curricular activities to look good for colleges and future employers. However, students may not have the time or may struggle to find the time to balance school, extra-curricular activities, and a job. If these elements in a student’s daily life is not balanced, it can have many negative effects. It can lead to lack of sleep, drop in grades, and a negative impact on a student’s social life. Sleep is very important to have a good performance.

The recommended hours of sleeping are seven-eight hours of rest. However, student’s do not get enough sleep because after they come home from their job or extra-curricular activity, they tend to stay up late to finish their homework that is due the next day. Lack of sleep also leads to cheating. When a student cheats, they are not encoding the information that they need to learn to be successful in class. Students often cheat when they need to get something done fast so they have time to do other things. If a student does not have enough time in the day to complete their work, it can also lead to a drop in their grades.

For example, Todd goes to work right after school but doesn’t get home until 10:00 at night because his manager wanted him to stay until closing. When Todd got home, he realized that he had three homework assignments and an essay due the next day. Todd tried to stay up and complete his work but he fell asleep while doing it. Since he didn’t complete everything the night before, Todd had to turn in his work for a late grade which led to a drop in his grades. A student’s social life is very important at a young age. Getting to know people around them can have a positive impact on their lives. To keep good grades in school, some students stay home on the weekends to catch up on work.

However, to do this, students may miss out on high school games and activities that they can only experience once in a life time. In conclusion, students should go to school at ten o’clock and leave at one o’clock to be successful in school. This way students can manage their time better while also participating in activities. Being a high school student, it can be very hard getting enough sleep at night due to all of the activities that I do to look good for colleges. By creating a law that starts school later, I think it will have a positive impact on a student’s daily performance.

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