A Discussion on the Importance of Community Service Assignments for Students

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Nowadays, many people have to learn as many skills as they can, so that they can get the jobs that they find interesting. The government requires students to perform minimum of 15 hours community service to graduate from high school. This menial amount of hours should be quite easy to accomplish and urges students to get involved. It is only right that high school students go out and benefit society at such a young age to leave impressions and to simply be a good person.

Community service assignments can teach students vital keys to success in the working world for example being on time for a service. Lessons can be taught at community service that carry on with you. You should do the services from your heart and do not give up easily. Besides, although community services are helping people, and gain an understanding about each other and can be thought about issues and situations that are taking place in the real world. On surveys obtained by the "Council for Excellence in Government Youth” ages 15-22 all vote that community service being forced unfavorably. Ironically 23-25 year olds believe that it should be required amongst those students to complete community service hours.

Moreover, Community services can help for a teen future. Some students may even be interested in a career through the opportunities provided for them. In my community service experience I have learned how to help the less fortunate and it has truly changed my life and has lifted me to be a better person. Community service adds experience and demonstrates maturity. It demonstrates excellent organization, communication and good team spirit. People can use previous experiences in the future as they have obtained on the job. In "Volunteering Opens Teens Eyes to Nursing" the fact that this impressionable 13 year old boy realized that helping the elderly would gain him knowledge and grace. He stated "I would spend time with them every day if I could." The most wonderful thing about Community service is the bond that forms between people making it unforgettable.

"Community Service is something that needs to be done. Community Service situates our moral center; it teaches us through experience about the relationship between empathy and responsibility, about what it takes to be part of a community in essence, about being human."

This mission statement of The Dalton School in Manhattan is the perfect definition of why high school Community Service hours should be required. By adapting to this new society we are in, community service and helping one another brings back the bond felt between two strangers. It teaches you so much and nothing is better than the feeling of accomplishment after helping making the world a better place.

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