Teenage Brain

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Since the dawn of time our outer body has changed constantly so we could adjust to the new condition—yet shouldn’t something be said about the interior piece of the body? Studies have begun to demonstrate that the inner parts also are doing likewise and modifying alongside our exterior. This investigation was generally affirmed in the mind of youngsters. With the information of this new discovery we have an extraordinary advantage. The adolescent brain is winding up increasingly developed which can be an incredible asset or resource in the future.

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“Teenage Brain”

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To begin with, the teenage brain is developing so fast that they cant even be compared to the grown-up brain. The article states, ”How can teens be so clever, accomplished, and responsible and reckless at the same time” (Ruder 11). To restate, by what method would teens be able to be so cunning, achieved, and dependable and rash in the meantime. These days you have a kids who are violating the law at home and have decent evaluations at school. The author said, “Adolescents have the computational and decision-making skills of an adult—if given time and access to information…”(Nixon 7). The message they are trying to convey is that whenever teens are given access to data they have the knowledge and and basic leadership abilities of an adult at such around age. Numerous children are making models of things that researchers couldn’t make or specialists couldn’t consider due to the measure of comprehension each new age is given that the last wasn’t. The adolescent brain is changing so quick that soon enough there will be more masters than the number of inhabitants in Asia.

Adding on, not only are kids getting more brilliant or securing more information but they are also becoming leaders, multi-taskers, better decision-makers, but also more independent as individuals. Sara Johnson, an assistant professor attending John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health mentions, “The brain continues to change throughout life, but there are huge leaps in development during adolescence”(Nixon 7). Johnson is trying to say that throughout life the brain changes of course but in youth is where the gigantic things happen. This is when people start seeing some kids who are really mature and better leaders in kindergarten while in the second grade a teacher can barely find good handwriting or spelling. According to Nixon, Johnson again said, “They[teens] are asking themselves…perhaps for the first time: What kind of person do I want to be and what type of place do I want the world to be”(Nixon 9-10). Like Sara Johnson said at a young age these young minds are wondering what kind of impact they want to make and be on this planet. What kind of child thought of that in the 1900s—not many.  

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