Teenage Depression Speech

Good Afternoon, I am Scout Gonzales and I will addressing my topic about Teenage Depression. Firstly, I want you to open up your mind about the issue of Teenage Depression. What comes to your mind? Nowadays many teenagers commit suicide due to being depressed, that they’re under too much stress, and they’re under pressure. I chose this topic because I know many teens can relate to it, and as for for me it is an issue that easy to discuss and understand. When you hear “depression” and “teens”, what conclusion is drawn into your head. What do you see? Is it important for people to realize Depression in teens? Is Adult Depression and Teen Depression the same and how can we tell? What are the symptoms of Depression? How is Depression caused? To know the answers, let’s talk about this issue some more.

A Depressive Disorder is a disease that effects the moods, thoughts, and behavior for those who are struggling with this issue. When a bad day turns into a bad weeks, it later becomes a bad month. Depression often begins in the teens in their 20’s or 30’s, but it can happen at any age. More women than men are diagnosed with Depression, but this may be because women are more likely to seek treatment than men woud. Experts estimate that 5% of all teenagers suffer from Depression. Depression often gets worse as time goes on if it is not treated correctly, which results in emotional, behavioral, and health problems that can affect that persons life. Unfortunatly, only 20% of depressed teens are diagnosed and treated appropriatly. The symptoms of Depression in young people can differentiate from adults. Symptoms can be missed if we don’t know what to look for.

Parents and teachers may think that a young person is moody or unhappy just because it’s a natural part of being young. Risk factors for Depression are that children are under stress and have experienced loss. Younger children, who develop Depression are likely to have a family history of such disorders. It is important for people to realize Depression in teens because it is not the same in adults. For most teens, Depression symptoms slowly go away with treatment such as medication and counseling. Teens express their Depression in many different ways other than sadness. Examples of complications that are associated with Depression include pain, physical illness, alcohol and/or drug abuse, anxiety, panic disorder or social phobia, isolation, suicidal feelings, and/or possible suicide attempts or suicide.

It is very important for parents, teacher, family and even friends to be aware of these signs. At this moment right now there are many teens suffering inside without having somebody there to support them when they’re feeling low. Nobody deserves this type of feeling, but I believe it is given to those who are strong and could fight it til the end. This all stood out to me because of how realistic it is that many lives depend on other people’s desire to help.

In Conclusion, Depression in Teens is a very critical issue. This calls for action! Be the one to be there for someone that is hurting by being there for them before they hurt themselves or someone else. I hope this information helps you, especially to those who are struggling. Thank you all for listening, and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!

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