Albert Einstein’s Brain was 15% Larger than an Average Brain

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Einstein's brain was stolen after his death. He had a fat head when he was born. Albert Einstein never learned how to swim. He offered his wife his Nobel Prize as part of their divorce. Now you know a few fun facts about Albert Einstein, let's move onto his early life.

On March 14, 1879 Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. He grew up and has his early education in Munich, Germany. He was a poor student and some of his teachers thought he might be retarded. At age nine, he was not able to speak fluently. Einstein mastered calculus by age 16. His formal secondary education ended at age 16. He disliked school and just as he was planning to find a way to leave without hurting his chances for entering the University, his teachers expelled him. He was expelled because his attitude was affecting his classmates. Albert's parents were concerned about his intelligence because he was slow to learn how to speak. He was the oldest of two he had a sister named Maja Einstein. All in all, I think Albert Einstein had a good early life, now lets move to his adult life.

He went to college at the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, Leiden University, and Complutense University of Madrid. Albert Einstein met a women by the name of Milena Marci. Einstein continued to grow closer to Milena, but his parents were strongly against the relationship due to her ethnic background. Einstein's father passed away in 1902, and the couple married after all on January 6, 1903. The same year the couple had a daughter, Lieserl, who might have been later raised by Milena's relatives or given up for adoption. The couple went on and had two sons, Hans and Eduard. The couple ended up divorcing in 1919. Altogether, Albert Einstein had a pretty good adult life and went to a lot of colleges.

As a physicist, Albert Einstein made many discoveries. He is best known for his theory of relativity. He developed the equation E= MC2. This equation foreshadowed the development of atomic power. The equation was also used for the atomic bomb. He invented Einstein refrigerator and the gas absorption heat pump. All in all, Einstein was a very intelligent man and knew a lot about science.

In conclusion, Albert Einstein was smart, lived a good life and had a good education. In the second paragraph I highlighted Alberts early life, education and schooling. We found out he was born on March 18 1879 he was a poor student he also disliked schooll. In the third paragraph I highlighted Einstein's adulthood. He had a good adulthood and a good education for collage. He also had a good family. In paragraph four I highlighted what Einstein is famous for. He is famous for a lot of things, a fridge, math and he was very smart. Yo wrap it all up, Albert Einstein was a good guy and was very good at science, super smart and lived a good life.


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