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Steve Paul Jobs was American entrepreneur, innovator, and creator who co-founded Apple. He was one of top business in the world and had a net worth of 36 billion dollars. Jobs realized there was gap in the market in the computer industry and his vision was to develop affordable computers for individuals. Jobs was also known as the ?Father of the Digital World and the best spokesman in the world. Steve Jobs, was somebody who liked simplicity, he wanted the organization to be simple and easy to understood which he also wanted in the products he made. Steve Jobs, will be always be remember as an American icon of technology and business. He was the CEO and owner of one the most successful companies on the planet.

The first computer Jobs developed was called the ?Macintosh' but this was not a huge success. When jobs was pushed in bad position, he decided to leave the company. In 1986, Jobs invested 50 million dollars in an animation company which he after called Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar created movies like; Finding Nemo, Toy story, The Incredibles, etc. After, Jobs started his software and hardware company called NeXT. NeXT was sold to Apple in 1996 for $429 billion.
This got him closer to Apple again and in 19797 became the interim CEO of Apple.
Apple created the following famous computer product; iPhone, iPad, ipod, mac,,Itunes, etc. and are seen as products of the evolution of the modern computer technology.

Steve Jobs dropped out of college after one semester and experiment with different things to come up with inventious products. He developed Apple at a young age with Wozniak in just a small garage. Jobs strived towards simplicity and perfection in what he did and developed. Jobs, left Apple when he got put in a difficult situation and got fired at Apple,afterward still returned at Apple as CEO. He was sawed a tough boss with high temperament but created one of the most successful companies on the planet. Small details were also really important to him, he patented all his inventions which were more than 300 patents. Jobs also did not like market research, and he rather relied on his instinct. He developed product that were easy to use and that people wanted to buy. He also believed a company main goals was to build products. Steve Jobs, was just a unique person who had a huge impact and the technology industry. Without him we will never be so far with our development on technology.

There were several things that made an impact on me when searching about Steve Jobs. First of all is that Jobs dropped out of college and created on the most successful companies on the planet. Jobs also started from working in a small garage trying to create computer and ending up with a net worth of 36 billion dollars. I also liked the idea that he did not like market research and he relied rather in his on instinct. Steve Jobs also never give up and always wanted to create something new and better even he did not have an engineering degree or business degree he was able to be one of the biggest American entrepreneur and innovator. I think he also created a great culture in his company and his not only know for the innovator of Apple but also as top negotiator and the best spokesman in the world.

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