Lot of Jobs Will be Replaced by Machines

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One of the most problems in our society is the lack of careers. It is difficult to find a job today and that is for many reasons. One of these reasons is the Automation. The automation term means the use of technology machines instead of people to do work (Oxford word power dictionary, 2018). This problem has a strong impact on the job market. In this research, I will explain why automation is a problem and I will give a short introduction about when it started and how. I am interested in this topic because people don't know the importance of this topic and I will raise the awareness of job seekers by giving them information about this topic.

People always look for making everything easier to use. Life was very difficult in the past. That made people create a lot of stuff to make their life easier. From that time the term of technology had begun. So what technology means? Technology is the study and use of science for practical purposes (Oxford Word Power Dictionary, 2018). Using technology makes people's life easier. People can do a lot of things without any troubles. In the past, the concept of technology was used just in the simple tools like the wrench in mechanical uses and scissors in the medical uses and so on. These tools were developed and improved for centuries.

Today technology exists in everything in our life. It is rare for you to be able to complete your day without using technology. Technology is used in many fields in our society like fields of work, industry, education, trade and medicine and so on. In this research, I will focus on the field of work and the impact of technology on the job market in Saudi Arabia. Absolutely using technology in the field of work has a strong impact on employment in Saudi Arabia.

In the past technology was just as an assistant to work, but today it has become a worker in itself and this is called the automation. That means there are a lot of jobs that will be replaced by machines. Technical progress will result in the elimination of many jobs in 2030 in Saudi Arabia and the rate of jobs that will be automated is about 41% (Makkah Newspaper, 2018). Over the next ten to 15 years, the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence technologies will transform the workplace as people increasingly interact with ever-smarter machines. These technologies and that human-machine interaction will bring numerous benefits in the form of higher productivity, growth, improved corporate performance and new prosperity, but they will also change the skills required of human workers (Mckinsey Institute, 2018). There are a lot of aspects of automation in our society and that will affect the Saudi job market and also have advantages and disadvantages.


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