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On June 11,2005 a very well known respected man named Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, made an inspiring speech to the class of Stanford. Steve Jobs story comes a long way, he created his legacy with believing in his gut feeling. He believed that even without finishing college he could do what he knew best, which was creating newer technology. Steve Jobs had three main points in his speech, one being connecting the dots, the other was love and loss and lastly was death. These three points all have great meaning and have impacted all who were there as well as me after watching his speech. He focuses a lot on believing in your gut feeling which many of us don't do, but in order to succeed we do need to believe in our dreams.

As per Steve Jobs connecting the dots is how he planned his whole life. He created his fortune without even finishing college. Steve was put up for adoption when he was born due to his mother not being able to support him on her own. Although the couple who adopted him were dropouts as well. His adopted father did not finish high school and adopted mother did not finish college. His biological mother did not want to sign the forms if they did not promise he would go to college. He did not do as promised and dropped out of college after six months, but dropped in for 18 months before he completely dropped out.

He struggled with pursuing his dreams, with many ups and downs he still kept his hopes up for the best. Jobs then decided to take a calligraphy class to learn more about his interest. With this being done he then designed the macintosh, known as the ?mac', 10 years later which became a success. As per Harry McCracken published on Time that, the macintosh was created on January 24, 1984, which was the first the first commercially personal computer. Which is only the beginning of what Jobs has in store for the future development of technology.As per Steve Jobs he quotes, you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. With that being said, it means that we should should trust the process and follow our dreams even with bumps on the road. We learn from our mistakes, and we should always pick ourselves up by trying even harder then we did the first time. Only you can make a decision for your life and where you end up.

Therefore pursue your dreams because life has many surprises and can open many doors to your future.
The second part of Steve's life story is love and loss meaning do what you love even if there are difficulties, just keep trying till you succeed. Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak, created apple at the garage of his parents home at the age of 20. In 10 years he created the beginning of Apple into a $2 billion company with around 4,000 employees. Not many people can start such a success that early in life, which is incredible. As soon as releasing the ?Mac' he was fired from a company that he created which is absurd. This downfall did no stop Jobs from creating big and better things. Even with being rejected he did not give up he continued to pursue what he knew and loved. With this turn of events, he created a company named NeXT and Pixar.

Pixar became the world's first computer animated film, Toy Story, which is one of my all time favorite childhood movies and still is. It is the best animation studio created in the world as quoted on stanford news. Steve's other success was NeXT, which Apple ended up buying and went back to working where he started. During this time he met his soon to be wife named Laurene. They soon started a family after all his hard work started paying off. Steve started his own success which kept growing into big and better things. Life has many strange turn of events but it might just end up being for the best, because there is a reason for everything. We should live life everyday as if it was our life, so make everyday a better one. As per Steve he quotes, Your life is limited, don't waste it on someone else, don's think of what others would think of you. Don't let other people's opinions bring you down or change your thoughts. Follow what you think is best for yourself. There will always be people who will disagree or bring your dreams down, but those who do so are jealous of the success you will have. This part of his speech shows how you should not let what you love fall and end. If you love doing what you do then keep at it and keep moving forward, trust in the process and don't settle for less.

Lastley Steve talks about something very serious, death. Death isn't something that anyone and I myself like to talk about. But in Steve's' case he talks about death being something we should keep in consideration because it happens all the time and we should live everyday as a blessing. He explains about making big and great choices everyday because one day you might not be able too. Jobs quoted to himself that, if today were the last day of life, would I want to do what I want to do what i'm about to do today?...remembering that you will die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. Even though it is deep to talk about or think about, it really makes you think about your life in a completely different perspective. Unfortunately in August of 2004, Jobs at the age of 49 found out he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He was told by the doctor that he had three to six months to live and to prepare his will and anything he had pending. At this point anyone would be scared of what can happen, but he later found out that the cancer he had was curable and was able to have a successful operation for it to be removed.

Even though talking about death is not exciting or happy, he makes a great point of view of how we should be aware that it can happen and that we should make everyday the best. We have one chance in life and we should live everyday like our last. Do things out of the ordinary, push yourself to work harder and do more. Life is a blessing and we should take any opportunity to make it better because at the end of the day it feels good when you have accomplished your goals. Alas, Jobs did not escape cancer, he was having health issues in August of 2008. He had an imbalance of hormones, which was taking away the proteins his body needed to stay in good health. Many people noticed he wasn't looking well and explained how his health issues were more complex than what he had imagined. June of 2009 he had surgery to undergo a liver transplant.

January of 2011 he announced he was taking a medical leave to improve and focus on his health. He then stepped down of Apple's CEO in August of 2011 due to his cancer becoming worse. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away of what was like the recurrence of cancer. Although this is way ahead of the time of his speech, he makes a great point by stating a quote by Stewart Brand stating, Stay hungry and stay foolish. Meaning think of yourself and keep finding more ways to be better.

After everything being said from Steve Jobs, every section of his speech has a meaning.This speech seemed to relate to everyone at the graduation but more to the graduating students who are starting their adult lives. He was clear and to the point by divided his life into three different sections, which explained how we should all succeed in life. He gave life experiences which helped the audience understand his struggles and success. Jobs talked about many topics and stated many inspirational quotes that I will take to heart and to consideration. This is probably one of the most inspirational speeches I have heard.

Steve demonstrates the meaning of life and one thing that most are scared to talk about is death and who wants to bring up death during graduation. But he made it work, by giving an explanation that we should be aware it can happen at any time and therefore we should live everyday like our last. Take any opportunity that will help you succeed in life and as a person in general. Not everyone is lucky enough to complete their goals, but if you have the chance take that shot because we might not have another chance to take it. Life is a such a beautiful thing, and we should not take it for granted, so therefore do things now when you can before you can't.

Creating a speech for everyone relate to is important especially if it's for a bigger crowd. Also the scenery takes a big part in creating a speech, and due to it being a graduation it had to relate to the students for them to pick up information that can help them with their careers or future. Another important part is setting the right mood for the occasion. Jobs speech had different types of emotions, for instance adding humor to his speech and also some serious parts. Over all his speech was inspirational and gave many tips, he wasn't to wordy and did not stutter. It is important to practice speeches before your speech date so that it can come out presentable. He seemed to have it all set out straight, he was poised and well prepared for it.

Jobs also made great eye contact to show that he was talking to everyone in the audience, which is major key to show the audience you care about what your talking about and that it comes from the heart. If he was reading it of completely from the paper it would seem as if he did not care. Another major key was that he did not get sidetracked from what he was talking about. He organized it by a timeline to keep everyone on task and not be lost. By doing so it lets the audience be guided through his life in a structured way.

All in all Steve Jobs gave an amazing speech that many won't forget. His speech probably enlightened many of those in the audience that may have been struggling or simply just trying to figure what to do after their degree. Most people don't understand the meaning of life and how it has many routes to it, weather it be good or bad. His speech was not boring, it gave specific reasons, it was interesting and very understanding. He related the speech to everyone and not just to the graduating class by giving his knowledge and show awareness of his point of view.

That is very important due to their being all types of people of all different ages, so it is only fair to make it related to everyone. He had many great points but a few that were stated is; to follow your heart and trust the process, second was that even the worst turnout may be the best thing that could happen in the outrun, third was don't let anyone stop you from what you want to chase in life and lastly is to Stay hungry. Stay foolish. These are a few points to take into consideration and may help you in succeeding in your goals. Don't let others bring you down and don't let failure embarrass you or stop you from getting back up. We all make mistakes in life, and therefore take the opportunity to fix them and make it better than the first time.

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