Steve Jobs Role Model

I consider myself a big fan of Steve Jobs. I have learned a lot from him in my recent career and there are a number of reasons why I have selected him as my role model. The most recent one at the top my head which inspired me the most was when I noticed his ability to venture out and do things that put Apple ahead of the competition in the competitive market as today. Whenever he took the stage to announce Apple’s next big project, he would mesmerize the crowd with breath-taking technology. I could see that he had some kind of knack for marketing, and the passion he had for his work made him a legend. People say Steve Jobs in person might have been a horrible human being. However, despite this, he was able to build a consumer electronic empire that has influenced the lives of billions.

I myself follow Steve Jobs as my role model only because I like the way he thinks on Passion, Belief, and Life. When it comes to passion, he says to follow dreams and try to fulfill it. Another best part about him what I liked was he was the kind of person who always did what his belief said to him. Every human being has some good qualities and some bad qualities in them and I think what matters the most is to take only good qualities to develop ourselves. So, it depends on us how we react to it. Anything other than I believe should not be of any concern to us. So, in terms of his products have had in the world, Steve Jobs represents the face of business at its best. And yet, in terms of his approach to leadership, Steve represents the face of business.

Lastly, I would like to talk about his inspirational leadership lessons which have inspired me the most. As I mentioned above in this paper Steve had both self-confidence and passion to turn his dreams into a reality, and not just for himself but he used to encourage his employees to challenge themselves for innovation and increased productivity. This approach by him would enable his employees to explore their full potential. Steve Jobs motivated his employees to move along the path specified, removed barriers along the way and provided appropriate rewards for task accomplishments. He led by creating conditions where employees constantly feel inspired to work hard.

Another best quality that attracted me about him was his way of clearly understanding the future as well as an understanding of the actions needed to get there successfully. He was a visionary leader. He was able to communicate his vision to all necessary employees, getting them motivated and inspired to pursue his vision in their daily work. The proper setting and management of goals by Steve within Apple helped clarify performance expectations within the organization. They provided a foundation for behavioral self-management, which helped motivate employees to work performance and job satisfaction.

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