Steve Jobs Introduced a World

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In 2007 Steve jobs introduced a world changing phone. Apple was the first company in the world to create a Phone with no keypad and a Phone that is touch screen and just not controlled by a stylist or a button on the screen and not a keyboard. Apple wanted to create something bigger so they came out with the iphone 1g was world changing. Nobody seen something like that it was amazing. Steve jobs once said Look at that massive 3.5in screen know days the screen average size is about 5.6in but that doesn't compare to apples Iphone XS MAX 6.5in the Iphone xs 5.8in and the IPhone XR 6.1in it was the first phone with cellular data mostly AT&T well at least that's what apple used back in the day.

Apple came out with a new chip in iphone 5s that changed all of that. Apple called it a A7 or ABiotic 7 chip. When Apple was making a phone they wanted something that was never done before and they did that. Steve jobs was behind the whole operation of the Iphone 1g he was the one that created it. Now don't think apple didn't come out with world changing products they came out with stuff like. Apple l, Apple ll, Apple lll, Apple Lisa, Macintosh 128K, Apple llc, Macintosh Plus, (ALL COMPUTERS resources TIMELINE Apple ). I could go on for days anyways Iphone 1g was the first phone Apple made.

Apple was the leading company and still is the only real competitor back then was microsoft. Steve Jobs worked for years to make the perfect IPhone now Apple has IPad,IPod and MacBook. When Apple released their first iPhone the iPhone 1g had a 3.5in screen huge back then with a Samsung prosser. In 2007 Apple sold 1.4 million Iphone 4 Apple know has sold more than one billion iPhones worldwide wide. Apple has made about 1 Trillion dollars on iPhones since 2007-2018.

Apple sells about 216.76 million iPhones year. Android sells about 1.244 billon Androids a year. About 800 million iPhones are in use today and Android has about 2 billion android phones in use today. That is because IPhones cost about $500 more then Android it depends what kind of android phone you getting the reason iPhone are so expensive is because they have better data protection nice look best software best security fingerprint and Touch ID. Apple Face ID is a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of someone opening your iPhone X,XS,XS M,XR with they're face. Touch ID is 1 in a 50,000 chance of someone o your iPhone Touch ID . I would rather the 1 in 1 millon face ID then Touch ID.

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