Steve Jobs is The Man

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Steve Jobs is the man who changed the style of personal computers from traditional computers to modern computers by using new devices and tools. In addition, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple company and one of the main creators of Macintosh. This essay will discuss different areas in Jobs’ history like his birth, childhood, education, as well as the first job he got after dropping out of college, how he created Apple, and finally health issues and death.

Isaacson (2011, P1-3) states that Steve Jobs was born on the 24th February, 1955 in San Francisco. The biological parents of Jobs are Abdullfattah Jandali and Joanne Shieble (Isaacson, 2011). his parents met each other when they were studying at Wisconsin university. Additionally, the father is from Syria and the mother is from Germany (Isaacson, 2011). They fell in love, and they made a relationship. As a young couple, despite the fact that they were not married, and they were only 20 something, getting a child was difficult for them. Also, it is shameful for her to be a single mother.

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She did not want her family to know about her pregnancy. Moreover, her father did not want her to get married to Jandali. For these reasons, she decided to travel to San Francisco in order to offer her child for adoption. Furthermore, she wanted her kid to be adopted by a Catholic and educated family. Unfortunately, her child was adopted by another family which was Paul Jobs and his wife Clara. Jobs’ family neither of them was a college graduate. Joanne refused to sign the documents for the adoption, but the jobs’ family promised her to educate her son and to send him to a great university. After that, she accepted the agreement and she signed the adoption paper. Jobs family named their adopted kid Steve Paul Jobs (Isaacson, 2011).

Isaacson (2011, P11-31) states that Steve started learning in an early age when he was around 2 years old. Clara taught him how to read and write before he started his first school. Also, he learned about mechanism from his father. His father taught him the difference between some tools and how to use them. Moreover, Steve sometimes helped his father when he wanted to build fence; his age was around 10 years old (Wikipedia, 2018).

He became a friend with some engineers in electronics who were not the same age as his (Wikipedia, 2018). However, his behaviours changed a little bit at school when he met some bad friends who he tried to follow their steps. Fortunately, his teacher in the 4th grade tried to keep him learning. Steve said ?’she bribed me into learning. She would say I really want you to finish this workbook I will give you 5 bucks if you finish it”. From this situation Steve learned a lot of things because it helped him to jump to other grads. However, his family did not want him to do that (Biography, 2014).

Jobs spent around 2 years at university. He did not find it interesting as he thought. Steve was interested only in electronic things. He found university the opposite to his dreams, and he knew that university would not help him in his future (Dodds, 2018). He decided to stop going to university and to find a job. In contrast, his family had been saving money for many years in order to make their son continue his studies and occupy a good place at university. Additionally, they had been promising his biological mother to send her son to university. When they sent him to university, they tried after that to visit him at the campus, but he refused to meet them and to talk to them because he did not want to be sent to university in the first place (Isaacson, 2011). At university, Steve Jobs was attending courses about calligraphy, where he was studying how to design things, before he finally dropped out of school.

In 1973, (Wikipedia, 2018) states that, after the university, Jobs turned back to his family in San Francisco in order to get a job. Fortunately, Steve Jobs found that Steve Wozniak had designed a video game, and Steve Jobs took the design and sold it to Atari. From that design, he got a job as a technician at Atari. After that, he travelled to India for a short time and tuned back to start with Wozniak in designing machines and sales them to Atari (Isaacson, 2011) (Wikipedia, 2018).

Although Steve got a job, he faced many drawbacks at the company; one of his obstacles was because the company did not want ungraduated student. Second, he was a genius and that caused many problems with the workers at Atari. Finally, he decided with his friend to open a new business in order to be free and separated from any company.

In 1976 they designed Apple computers, and the technological revolution, that happened at the end of 19s in Europe, forced both Steve Jobs and Wozniak to create and design new devices instead of old devices (Vital, 2014). They used Jobs’ garage as an office for their new company. In 1985, Jobs left Appel company and began his own company called NEXT, Inc. Then he sold it to Apple and returned to his previous company Appel in 1997 as the CEO. Jobs was known as genius and hard worker. Appel company was advanced by Jobs to reach the highest rank among hundreds companies (Biography, 2014).

In 2003, the medical analyses showed that Jobs had a pancreatic cancer, but he chose to hide it in order to avoid making troubles to his company (Biography, 2014). After a year, he did a successful surgery and removed the disease. In 2009, the press started talking about Jobs’ health. Later on, Jobs took a vacation and began doing his job by just emailing the employees, but in reality it was not just a vacation it was a medical leave (Biography, 2014) (Wikipedia, 2018). Steve got some advice by doctors about some medicaments but he refused to use them that why the level of cancer increased (Swaine, 2011). When he knew that his health decreased, he regretted and sent messages to his fans telling them about his situation. Although he could not continue his job as a CEO at Apple, he loved the company and stuff. However, the Vice President was appointed instead of Steve Jobs to lead the company (Swaine, 2011) (Wikipedia, 2018) (Biography, 2014).

Steve spent 8 years fighting his cancer. Additionally, he tried at the beginning to cure himself with juice fruit and some medicaments that he found on the Internet. Steve died in his house in California in 2011 (Swaine, 2011) (Wikipedia, 2018). That was the end of Apple’s CEO and one of the Apple’s co-founders. The Apple company spent six days closing the company as respect to his death.

As a summary, Steve Jobs had a massive history started with his adoption, childhood, education, his life after college, the way he started his first job and stablished the Apple company, and finally, his death. Despite the fact that he left the college earlier, he achieved many goals in his life. Moreover, he helped in the advancement of the world from the old style to the modernity by using efficient devices and functional smart phones. Steve Jobs died leaving after him a legacy that would never disappear.

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