Sporty Fun in the Sun

Barbados can boast a huge array of sports in addition to cricket, watersports, and motorsports. Golf at our beautiful golf courses, horse racing at the historic Garrison Savannah Track where the Sandy Lane Golf Cup takes place in early March, as well as Sailing with the Regatta in January attracting not only competitors but followers from all over the world. Rugby, football, polo, surfing, hockey, cycling all have their place both locally and with annual international events. The Run Barbados Marathon and the Open Water Festival Swimming event continue to grow and have been added to our sports tourism calendar.

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“Sporty Fun in the Sun”

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Seeking an active holiday? We offer customized travel and a consultative approach to create your perfect trip.

Whatever your interest, whether you would like to be a spectator or a competitor or simply have fun recreationally, we at Blue Sky Luxury pride ourselves in delivering top-quality sports packages that take the worry out of travel allowing our guests to enjoy special moments that will last a lifetime.

Our sporty holidays provide fun opportunities to getaway. Whether you are looking to work up a sweat with tennis on our sunny island of Barbados, zip through the countryside on a cycling break, or improve your golf swing at our world-recognized golf courses, these trips will suit your interests. If you would rather try a little of everything, we offer a variety of different one-on-one activities in a customized bundle pack.

Whether you want to brush up on the basics or hone your skills, you can take advantage of our world-class facilities like championship-sized golf courses and our international racing circuit. Private lessons and helpful personal trainers are available to ensure that you have fun with your chosen sporting activities. At our recommended luxury villa, you can create a sporty holiday that suits your personal tastes.

We offer the perfect combination of luxury and leisure for travelers who want to discover the first-class offerings of Barbados and ensure they have an unforgettable holiday experience.

If you need to cool off and prefer the allure of the water there are water sports options galore. We have an assortment of water activities both over and underwater. If you love to peruse the depths of oceans then we have snorkeling and scuba diving; if not then we have windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, jet skiing and so much more.

Contact us today at Blue Sky Luxury to get started on planning your complete customized luxury sports travel experience.

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