Florida’s Space Coast has the Perfect Combination of Sun, Sea, and Space

The space coast. Florida’s Space Coast has the perfect combination of sun, sea, and space for you to explore. The list of things to do at Florida’s Space Coast could begin with a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where Space Shuttle Atlantis is on display. Or the vacation could start with a slower pace at one of the area’s many hidden gems such as the Indialantic Boardwalk where visitors can experience authentic beach life. The list of possibilities is long and all over the map – literally and figuratively speaking. As you discover what makes up Florida’s Space Coast, you will learn that it is so much more than the place for space.

Cocoa Beach Dreams

Cocoa Beach Florida is home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, with year-round entertainment, and stunning sunsets every night. There are also plenty of sleepy beach towns in Brevardard County on the east coast of Florida. One of those hidden gems is Cocoa Beach. On average, Cocoa Beach’s warmest months are July and August, and January is the average coolest month. The maximum average rainfall usually falls in September. The highest recorded temperature in Cocoa Beach was an extremely hot 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) in 1980 and the lowest recorded temperature was a very chilly 17 F (minus 8 C) in 1977.

Beaches, golf courses, art museums, and a vibrant commercial district give residents of Cocoa Beach plenty of things to do. The city’s tropical climate, lush parks, and collection of resorts and hotels draw thousands of tourists each year. Cocoa Beach provides a large assortment of amenities, good schools, and has a population who engages in political and social activities.

The sun. The beaches. The nightlife. Cocoa Beach is perfectly located in the heart of the Space Coast of Florida. What more can we say – moving to Cocoa Beach is great! This spot is known for great kayaking, boating, canoeing, jet-skiing, and all other kinds of fun sports for the adventurous couple. Sunsets are beautiful here and are sure to win you Instagram gold by all of your followers. Take a walk on the Cocoa Beach Pier while the sun goes down for a stunning view of the beach, and if being pampered is on your to-do list, head to one of the many spas you can find all over this town.

Cocoa Beach continues to grow in population and the Cocoa Beach Real Estate market is booming thanks to good schools, excellent health care, and beautiful beaches.

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