Studying Abroad-a Luxury or a Necessity

Studying abroad-a luxury or a necessity Study in UK for free! Get world class education in Australia and get a guaranteed job! Aren’t the newspapers and education magazines that we read today screaming about various courses being offered by foreign universities? Well, is studying abroad a luxury or a necessity? Good evening to one and all present here. This is the topic we are going to dwell on today. Nowadays majority of us have a dream of studying abroad.

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“Studying Abroad-a Luxury or a Necessity”

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It is considered a shame to be studying in a local degree college; everyone expects admission in top universities of the country or a renowned foreign university. Yes, studying abroad has many pros but there are many cons as well. Studying abroad is an attractive option as it provides opportunity to get a degree from the top ranking universities of the world besides providing global exposure to a student. Courses offered may be courses not available in your country. The student also gains better understanding of the world along with development in personality.

Abroad studies act as a catalyst for increased maturity and enable the student to tolerate ambiguity as it makes the student more self-reliant. He gains confidence and learns to deal with people very different from him. But at the same time adapting to the culture of foreign nations is an uphill task. Other advantages quoted for abroad studies are developing foreign language skills, increase marketability, be a more valuable employee and work internationally. But, Studying abroad is also an expensive issue.

Foreign universities charge a very high fee from the students though they provide quality education. Also living in a foreign country is exceedingly costly. Studying abroad can also be hard as you are exposed a brand new curriculum and a different way of teaching. A large number of students find themselves unable to adapt to the living conditions in foreign countries and come back to their native countries. Studying abroad may lead to homesickness and detachment from family and friends.

The single most important disadvantage that comes to mind is the drain on economy of our country and the “Brain drain” that it leads to when a student goes out of his country to study. However this seems to be negated by the larger goal of study abroad programs which is to train future global leaders to be more effective, respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems, and willing to take a stand for the world’s welfare, not just what benefits a specific country.

The major reason for studying abroad being a necessity is that though there are many good institutions for higher studies in the country, quality education is available to a very limited number of students. Thus abroad studies has many pluses and equal number of minuses. It is a luxury as well as a necessity- Luxurious because of high standards of education along with courses of one’s choice and necessity because of paucity of standard education in the country and provide skills essential but unavailable in the country. Hence my stand on this issue is that studying abroad is a luxurious necessity.

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