Mercedes EQS – Fully Electric Car

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The most comfortable Mercedes cars waiting for you in the market

The star does not fail. Mercedes is a unique symbol of style and quality in design, components, and response. Driving is a pleasure. And drive a Mercedes GLC, a pleasure full of amenities. In California, the dealers offer you extra pleasure. To get a Mercedes GLC occasion of supreme quality in the fastest, most comfortable, simple and safe way. Mercedes GLC Coupé: unbeatable price, unforgettable experience

If you are looking for a second-hand Mercedes GLC, a pre-owned GLC or a Mercedes GLC Km 0 at the best price and you need more information, you are in the perfect place. The Mercedes SUV range has top-level members. To give you an idea we will tell you that the GLC is in the middle zone, between the GLA and the GLE. Its personality is based on a design that combines the character and the sporty touch, so it is not surprising that when the driver sees it, the GLC transmits feelings of both strength and attractiveness and an invitation to adrenaline.

Style for Everyone

This Mercedes-Benz model puts at your disposal two finishing lines that are manifested inside and outside. For example, if you like the AMG GLC Coupé very much, you surely have a sporty and adventurous spirit. If above all you value details, luxury, and exclusivity, the EXCLUSIVE equipment line will seem irresistible.

Getting a second-hand Mercedes GLC Coupé or a pre-owned GLC Coupé at the best price in Cariope and with all guarantees is a reality at your fingertips. Enter now and take the Mercedes GLC Coupé occasion that pursue your dreams. Because, if you can dream it, you can have it.

It Can Be Your Great Car

The driving experience of the GLC exceeds expectations. Innovation and safety, pillars of the German brand, come together, together with comfort and entertainment, on the dashboard of the Mercedes GLC.

Mercedes is a brand that has been the symbol of strong and durable cars throughout history. The popularity of Mercedes, which has been a pioneer in the industry with its powerful engines since the early 1900s, is neither luxurious nor rapidly related. The power of Mercedes is hidden in mid-size sedan cars.

Mercedes E Series sedan cars, which have proven their worth many times in many parts of the world, have a rich history. Used by a wide range of people in Europe, America, the Far East, and the Middle East, from taxis to managers, from large families to those who prefer to be alone on the road, the Mercedes is a proven class even in war conditions.

The Mercedes C Class

Class C cars, with the name of compact or more frequently used in our country, sell much more than other class cars. As such, it is seen that many brands attach importance to this field. The Mercedes C Series, which is presented to the users with a large grille, will be the continuation of the bonnet line and draws a stylish image with the logo placed in the middle of the grille.

Combining a classic look with the LED headlights placed in the rear taillight and a strong, slat between the logo and the plate, the Mercedes C Series is closer to the style now called “Smart Casual”. The seriousness and sporty spirit, which are the biggest features of this style, make you feel at every point of the vehicle.

The PRE-Safe System, which works with the help of the sensors and cameras placed in the vehicle, has an assistant brake feature. The 4-way flashers are on with the assistant braking feature, which is activated when the vehicle in front of the vehicle stops while driving or if another vehicle is encountered.

The rear-view camera in the vehicle facilitates parking or all other rear maneuvers with its high resolution and prevents possible accidents. In addition, with the Distronic Plus feature, the vehicle can maintain distance with vehicles in front while on the move. Mercedes C Series also has a Head-Up Display System and the movements of the vehicle are reflected in the windshield instantly. Just like the BMW 3 Series, HUD can interact with navigation.

Mercedes EQ

There is also a car introduced by the Mercedes brand that is Mercedes EQ. As a result of long studies, Mercedes developed an electric SUV vehicle called EQ. The vehicle, which was expected to be released until 2019, is far from the usual design of Mercedes. With oval lines and colorful design elements, the vehicle is expected to find buyers outside of Mercedes' loyal audience.

The Mercedes EQ has a range of 450 kilometers.

The 5-door SUV vehicle can drive 4 and produce 402 horsepower.

With an incredible torque of 765 nm, the Mercedes EQ is powered by two electric motors.

Mercedes E Class

In recent years, Mercedes has also added sporty details to its design, but it is not surprising from its classic line. Mercedes E Series 2017 models attract those who want a heavy and stylish look. When looking at the interior design of this series, it is noticed that the “more useful and large-volume Mercedes E Series”.

You can access every detail about the car with two renewed 12.3-inch HD touch screens. Two-tone flooring, round air intakes, and wood or metal coatings that can be selected according to the hardware packages are very stylish. Mercedes, which provides more space with its 565 liters of luggage volume, will be the choice of those who want a larger car.

Mercedes seems to be more user-friendly in fuel consumption. Mercedes comes to mind when it comes to durability. Those who are looking for a car to confidently travel long distances for many years can choose Mercedes E 220.

Vehicle durability is at the forefront in long journeys. Although it is true that a new model will always perform better, it should be remembered that low-mileage used cars will also be much more profitable. If you prefer second-hand vehicles, you can find details about the engine and equipment health of all vehicles.

Those who are considering buying a family car for long roads should consider the rear seat comfort as well as the front seat comfort. Those who will travel with large families or children should pay particular attention to this issue.

Since you will be in the vehicle along the long road, the more you take the width of the interior, the more comfortable you will be.

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