Significant Information about Plastic Surgery

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Costs, risks and the most important information

Hardly a woman is satisfied with her appearance – and fewer and fewer men. Up to 400,000 Germans therefore opt for a plastic surgery every year.

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“Significant Information about Plastic Surgery”

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At the top of the list of the most requested procedures are breast surgery, facelift and nose surgery. But there are also other cosmetic surgery offered.

Anyone who has opted for a cosmetic correction with a scalpel should definitely visit a specialist in a renowned clinic. “Black sheep” with little experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, there is namely sand on the sea.

Particularly important is an in-depth consultation. Here, the doctor should inquire exactly the wishes and the motivation of the patient.

But what are the risks of plastic surgery? And what costs do you have to expect?

Risks of a plastic surgery

Every operation carries certain dangers, as cosmetic surgery is no exception. It can lead to severe scarring, bleeding and swelling. But sensibility disorders, allergic reactions and infections are not excluded.

However, these are not all the risks of plastic surgery: Even with anesthesia, it can lead to complications – from nausea and vomiting about blood pressure drop to arrhythmia much is possible. And do not forget: Even cosmetic procedures are associated with pain.

Other risks of plastic surgery are the result: no doctor can give a guarantee that the patient looks the same afterwards as he would like. Because that depends partly on the predisposition and the texture of the fabric. The risks of a plastic surgery should therefore always be weighed exactly against the suffering.

Cost of a plastic surgery

The cost of plastic surgery depends on the nature and extent of the planned measures. Roughly speaking, a nose surgery costs between 3000 and 5000 euros, a breast augmentation 4500 to 7000 euros. For a facelift you have to pay 4,000 to 12,000 euros. Liposuction costs between 1500 and 4000 euros, depending on the problem area to be treated.


Correction of the nose

In cases of heavy breathing or a crooked nasal septum, aesthetic corrections can also be made. However, there is only a cost advantage for the patient! Although he pays the aesthetic surgery itself, but the cashier accepts the anesthetic, hospital and material costs. Possible costs: 1000 to 1500 euros. Whether airway obstruction needs correcting can be determined by an objective respiratory function test. Even if the nose has been deformed by an accident, the health insurance company must take all the costs for a correction.

Correction of eyelid and bags

breast augmentation

breast reduction

Removal of the grease apron

Putting on the ears

If it concerns a purely aesthetic intervention, take over the health insurance companies no costs. They participate in the cost of plastic surgery only if the body deviates strongly from the norm and the procedure is medically necessary. This is the case, for example, when very large breasts cause back problems.

breast surgery

EnlargeA beautiful, firm breast is the ideal for many women.  It is no coincidence that breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift are among the most common cosmetic surgeries.

A beautiful, firm breast is the ideal for many women. It is no coincidence that breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift are among the most common cosmetic surgeries.

Photo: detail view – Fotolia

The female breast should be firm, not too small and not too big. That’s at least the ideal of most people. The reality is often different: many women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts.

In the worst case, their self-confidence can suffer as well. More and more women then consider breast surgery as the best solution. Therefore, breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction are now among the most common cosmetic surgery.

The interventions are usually performed stationary. In the run-up to breast surgery there is an extensive consultation with the attending physician.

As a rule, you have to pay for the costs yourself. If the operation is necessary from a medical point of view, the health insurances also participate in part.


The natural aging process leads to more or less pronounced wrinkles on the face and neck, which can greatly change the appearance. With a facelift, these signs of time can be largely “ironed out”: the skin is tightened on the forehead, temples, cheeks and neck, which suddenly makes one look up to ten years younger.

From minilifting to complete facelifting, there are many different surgical techniques.


Is Botox a poison?

“Yes and no. Whether a substance is a poison or not depends solely on the dose. The active ingredient Botulinum is injected aesthetically in such small and diluted quantities that the muscles are relaxed completely harmless. For a hazard would have to administer more than 100 ampoules (equivalent to more than 30 000 ?). “

Can it lead to bacterial food poisoning in my body?

Can my forehead remain paralyzed after a Botox treatment?

Can Botox accumulate in my body for years?

Can Botox move through the body – into the brain?

Botox against eye lines – does it affect the production of tear fluid?

Is it possible that swallowing problems occur after treatment?

What happens if the doctor hits a vein and the Botox gets into my blood stream?

Will it be ineffective after several applications?

Does Botox really help with depression?

Does Botox damage my kidneys and liver when it breaks down (similar to alcohol)?

Is the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease greater after Botox treatment?

Are Botox and Filler the same?

Before deciding on a specific lifting method, you should seek the advice of a surgeon. How long the result of a lift will last depends on the individual equipment and the condition of the fabric. After eight to ten years, the facelift can be repeated.


Nose surgery is the brainchild of many people who disagree with the appearance of their nose. Some are dissatisfied with their nasal syringe, others suffer from crooked or large noses. This can significantly affect self-esteem and body awareness.

A nose operation is not necessarily a cosmetic operation. It may also have medical reasons, such as the removal of polyps or the necessary straightening of the nasal septum. In order to get an accurate idea of ‹‹the operation, a detailed discussion with the treating surgeon is very advisable.

Complications are more of an exception for nose surgery. However, there is always a risk. Therefore, such an operation should only be done in a reputable clinic by a qualified doctor.

Other cosmetic surgery

The good looks of a person does not necessarily have something to do with ideal measures. Basically, naturalness is the most attractive. But of course you can also help nature a bit. When healthy nutrition, exercise and personal hygiene alone do not produce the desired result, many dissatisfied people get into the hands of a cosmetic surgeon.

In women, in addition to the breast and nose surgery and the facelifting especially liposuction, wrinkle injection, tummy tuck or lip augmentation are in demand. However, there are other cosmetic surgeries, some of which are a bit more delicate: for example, genital surgery is enjoying increasing popularity.

Men are also increasingly turning to plastic surgery. They have mostly similar operation wishes as women. Other cosmetic surgeries particularly favored by men include hair transplants, chin corrections, and the removal of sweat glands.

More about cosmetic surgery

The more sought cosmetic surgery, the more they are discussed in the media. The spectrum of topics ranges from the dangerous body cult of young girls to life-saving measures.

More about cosmetic surgery from a medical point of view can be found in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. In many places even highly specialized beauty clinics have established themselves. Here are answers to all questions about costs, risks and treatment.


How do I recognize good implants or secure fillers?

Prof. Henig: “Newer implants used in aesthetic surgery today have highly cohesive silicone gels surrounded by a thick capsule of up to ten individual layers. The safety factor is very high. “

These approvals and certifications give an indication of reliable, certified fillers and / or implants:

Approval in Germany by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) CE certification: The CE mark (Conformite Europeenne) is an important approval. It states that the product in question meets the EU quality standards. But: The CE certificate is not a universal seal of quality. It does not mean that the treatment is without risks and side effects.

The FDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration and an agency with very stringent and stringent regulatory requirements for a medical device. An FDA approval is an additional, high quality criterion. “

In more than one million women, the effect of silicone on the body has been studied. Silicone is one of the best studied substances in medicine. A carcinogenic or rheumatic property has not been explicitly demonstrated. Damage to the immune system is not scientifically proven. Do I always get an implant passport, even for surgery abroad? What are the risks of cosmetic surgery? What are the costs of removing defect implants? More about plastic surgery offers the Internet. Plastic surgery on relevant pages has long ceased to be a taboo topic. You can also discuss the curse or blessing of the controversial cosmetic surgery in numerous online forums. There they get the opportunity to exchange views.

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