The Subject of Plastic Surgery

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There are many stances on the subject of plastic surgery, even more so when it comes to teens and plastic surgery. There are many things to consider, what type of surgery? There are many kinds of different plastic surgeries ranging from cosmetic to medically necessary. Other concerns would be age, state of mind, reason for the surgery, and whether or not the surgery is necessary.                

These are all types that a plastic surgeon would want to discuss before anyone goes under the knife. Plastic surgery victories and failures are permanent so they should be evaluated and considered in depth before making a commitment. The ASPS (American Society for Plastic Surgery) reported that in 2015, 64,470 surgical cosmetic procedures were performed on teens in the United States. The most common procedures teens get in the United States are cosmetic. This is attributed to a need to fit in, from fixing ears, severe acne or scarring, and even breast reduction most of the surgeries teens get are done to fit in or be accepted by peers. Most teens use plastic surgery to their self-esteem and fix appearance issues. One thing to remember when thinking of getting plastic surgery is the seriousness of the subject. Things go wrong and mistakes happen, even something as simple as anesthetic can be deadly. In 2008 a cheerleader died of a rare reaction to anesthetic called malignant hyperthermia, a condition that is difficult to detect. 

The FDA advises that only women 18 or older get implants. It's important to research before jumping into surgery. Parental consent is needed to move forward or in some cases even to consult with a doctor and discuss the possibility of surgery. Perfection is not achievable or lasting, this is something that needs to be accepted by someone wanting to get procured. Plastic surgery is also not covered by insurance unless medically necessary. This means anyone wanting the surgery would need money or parents to pay for it in a teens case. The planning, details, and research that should go into getting plastic surgery is very important, no one should just blindly get a procedure. From the dangers to the long lasting permanent effects of surgery all things should be considered before making plans. Finding other ways to fit in or relate to others would seem to be an easier route for teens. Risking your life or permanent side effects attempting to achieve an image that may not even be possible with surgery is dangerous and not worth it.

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