Plastic Surgery in Modern World

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Plastic surgery is the process of reconstruction or the repair of any part of the body, through and by the doctors transferring tissue. Plastic surgery can be any alterations to the body, that includes the stomach, face, legs, torso, etc. Most people think about plastic surgery being only two or three types, but in reality there are over 150 different types of plastic surgeries. There are two main types of surgeries that fall under the plastic surgery categorized under and that is plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. There are over 50 under each category. The statistics of plastic surgery have increased tremendously throughout the years. The newest research came out when the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed people the great continued growth in different cosmetic surgeries over the year. The statistics they recorded showed that there were over 17 million minimally invasive and surgical procedures performed in the U.S in 2017, which is an increase of 2% since 2016. Another study showed that since 2000 increased 200%.  The statistics also revealed the Americans are turning to new ways finding new ways to shape their bodies.  

History: Out of all the plastic surgeries throughout the early years, the nose job has had the most admiration of the people versus the rest of the body that at that time could be reconstructed. One of the very first procedures for the nose job was proformed by a surgeon by the name of Antonio Branca and a man who is described by the slippery-named Heinrich von Pfolspeundt. In 1460 they followed the following steps to get the procedure going. First, they created a model of the prefect nose, by using parchment and leather. To gather skin that is needed for the surgery they then got the model, laid it on the forearm of the paitent and drew a line around it. The marked area was cut and split up from the skin making what was like a nose-flap, which remained on the arm until it was needed in the surgery. Shortly after getting that part finish, they had the patient then raised their arm to their hand with the nose flap close to the face and up to where the reconstruction would be happening and then began to stitch to the area of the nose that was waiting to be fixed. The strangest part of the entire process is that the arm would stay bounded/connected to the nose to stay in place. After 8-10 days when the skin had healed properly, the lower part of the flap was cut and that would free the arm allowing the reconstruction of the nostrils. After this, plastic surgery didn't really pick up again until the late 18th century which here started the skin graft. And surprisingly the breakthrough came up and the rediscoverment for plastic surgery sprouted in ancient India.  

Prices: Along with everything that plastic surgery has to offer, it can be very pricey and people may not like the outcome but many people love how they look, feel extremely confident and depending on the situation it can help someone and their medical problems. The high cost of the surgery has a lot to do with this econimoncally standpoint and people want to save money and cut out or even minimize expensives. When it comes to people getting the surgery 


 It's safe to say that nobody is perfect. It's also fair to say that most people have one or two parts of their body that they are just unhappy with, whether it's a funky looking toe, asymmetric breasts, or maybe just a little extra stuff on their tummy. Getting rid of the what makes a person unhappy, may make them happy but also could very likely start an addiction or even a disorder. Most of the patients I see here at Harley Street Aesthetics have just one cosmetic procedure and are happy with the results, but if you find yourself constantly looking for blemishes on your body and requesting more plastic surgery, you may be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and plastic surgery addiction. Patients who display symptoms of BDD and compulsively undergo aesthetic surgery suffer from underlying mental and emotional issues which they believe can be resolved by plastic surgery. told by Dr. Harley at Harley Street Aesthtics.

However, if a person wants plastic surgery to solve any psychological problems that a person has. People that suffer from BDD think of themselves as nothing but ugly, when they many think of them as attractive, this has them only ever looking at their flaws so that they go to surgery thinking that will make it all better. And sometimes in the ends, that doesn't even make them as happy as they thought it would. If someone is addicted to almost anything, either drugs, alochol or anything, that itself is dangerour to a person and their health. The dangers of the addiciton of plastic surgery is extremley dangerous and can result in health issues due to too many surgeries. A person can often find themselves depressed with the outcomes and want more surgery to fix it. The depression can lead to hardships on the persons life and even their mental health. The person could after feeling scared trying to ask for help or even getting help from family. One of the biggest dangers about plastic surgeries and the addicitons themselve is how the effect of numerous comestic procedures can have on the body of the person getting the surgery.  People who have many amounts of cosmetic surgery can easily be left with permanent damage to their skin ad muscles that are effective by the surgery. The damages include but don't limit to collapsing muscles and excessive scar tissue.

Here at Harley Street Aesthetics, I put the health of my patients at the forefront of any decision I make. I will not perform cosmetic surgery on anyone who I believe is having it unnecessarily, whether that's through addiction or force. I believe that everyone is beautiful just the way they are, and that cosmetic surgery should be used to complement a person's natural beauty.

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