Benefits of Plastic Surgery

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This research paper will be all about plastic surgery and how it has impacted us all over the world. Although plastic surgery has many risks it can boost many people’s self-confidence, and self-esteem. The cost of having these type of surgeries performed are very expensive. Plastic surgery can be useful in many cases, one being people can have a medical condition that has caused deformation. Plastic surgery may even be a miracle for people who have struggled with depression. How has plastic surgery grown and improved over the years? Why is appearance so important that people feel they must look a different way? Let us see and find out.

Plastic surgery is mostly known to make a person look more youthful or to better the appearance of a person. It can really change people's life because plastic surgeons are so high in technology that almost anywhere on the body, from head to toe can be renewed or reconstructed.
Giving many people hope and opportunity to better themselves wherever they would like. It is a reconstructive type of surgery where the surgeons correct abnormalities and as of today the surgery can help with any disfiguration whether it was from an accident or a birth defect. A given example is a cleft palate or also known as cleft lip, where there is a congenital split in the roof of the mouth. In the early 1400’s people with this so-called ‘abnormality’ where being performed on to be fixed and to appear normal. Plastic surgery can treat not only birth defects but also flaws on the skin such as birthmarks, warts, or even acne scars. Plastic surgery came from ‘plasticus’ which in Latin means ‘to mold’ or ‘to form’. For the most part plastic surgery benefits, but we must not always take that for granted.

Before getting plastic surgery, you must really take into consideration the whole ordeal. It is advised that you do research to know what you want and make sure it is reasonable enough to get the surgery done. Realize that having plastic surgery can have a permanent effect on you because the outcome might not be exactly what you were hoping for. Having these type of procedures performed are not one-hundred percent risk-free because there is not a say of what can possibly go wrong during the surgery or in the aftermath. There can be complications during the surgery such as blood clotting or a problem waking the patient from the anesthesia. Some people that have had plastic surgery have had some disappointing results. This is including risks such as fatal infections, scarring, disfigurmentation, hemorrhages, blood clots, pneumonia, loss of sensation, paralysis where you are restricted from movement, damaging of nerves that can lead to a pain that doesn't go away, and in the worst case even death. These kinds of surgeries are to be more challenging than any standard surgeries because there is not a say in the patient handling the surgery very well. Therefore, since plastic surgery isn't guaranteed that the performance will be a success. So always take awareness of the cons and if it's an absolute must because plastic surgery isn't one of the medically necessary surgeries were the expectations of the outcome is more likely to be a success.
Plastic surgeons have to pass judgement on whether their patient wants is really reasonable or if it's just because the patient has an emotional problem. One of the problems being they have BDD ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder) in which they have a bad image upon themselves or in other words the patient has a poor self-image. Some of them being moles, freckles, acne or even breast size. In fact people often seek to have plastic surgery because they have BDD. Seeing as the procedure can have complications like bizzare looking outcomes. People that have this disorder are not recommended to have any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery because if they are unsatisfied with the results, it can just cause their emotional situation to worsen. It is highly suggested that they see a therapist before they are even considering to undergo surgery.

A study has found that people who have requested to have facial surgery are most likely to be suffering from personality disorders. Half of the people that are wanting to get plastic surgery such as a nose job suffer from clinical depression because they are insecure about that part of their body. Almost a third of those people have attempted to take their own life due to low self-esteem. The patients that end up getting the procedure done end up benefiting from it. Operations show that fifty-percent of the patients were in fact clinically depressed, seventy-percent were suffering from anxiety, twenty-percent had problems with alcohol, and thirty percent were suicidal. This is because they simply want to upgrade their appearance and others because they want to fix features that bother them. In another study seventy-percent wanted to become “more attractive”, seventy percent wanted an emotional or psychological benefit such as bettering their self-esteem. The participants were ranged of age groups starting from eighteen to twenty-nine (26%), then ages thirty to forty-nine (38%), after that are ages fifty and up (36%). In this study eighty-five percent were woman and fifteen percent were men.

In a study by Figueroa Haas she seen that plastic surgery has actually increased peoples self-esteem and sexual function. She studied women from the ages twenty-one to fifty-seven years old who had breast augmentation. There were eighty-four women that participated in this study. Women before the breast augmentation for self-esteem rated 20.7 and the after their procedure rated at 24.9. The self-esteem score increased by 4.2% on the 30-point Rosenberg scale. The rates for sexual function started at 27.2 and then after rated 31.4 on the 36-point-index scale. Leaving the sexual function score to also increase by 4.2%. Overall their sexual desire increased 78.6%, for their satisfaction it increased 57%, and for their arousal it increased 81%.

The main idea that we need to regard is the fact that there are different points of views. This is depending on how the person getting or wanting to get plastic surgery feels about themselves before surgery. Whether the person is getting it done because their self-perception or because of others perception on them. If the person were to be relating more to self-perception then it can indeed improve the emotional well being by making them happier. It is known that it’s easy for us to feel less or perhaps more attractive than we seem to other people. This is considering the fact that nothing went wrong during the procedure.

Many people actually consider getting plastic surgery done because they are judged on their appearance by not only parts of society but certain jobs. For example fat people get paid less than a normal sized person according to a study by George Washington State University. If you are an obese women, the chances of getting paid less are higher. Cleveland State University has claimed that if you are a person that is working out and ‘fit’ you actually get paid more. If you are working out and are not an obese or overweight person, there is a nine percent increase in pay than on average.

Plastic surgery has and still can be to this day, something that very many people try to keep secret or hide because it’s been a public disagreement in the past. Nowadays celebrities are actually advertising the use of cosmetics surgeries. There is a small amount of celebrities that have not done these procedures to make themselves look ‘perfect’. Sense there are more celebrities that undergo these surgeries, teenagers are starting to be influenced because of a celebrity that happens to be their idol. Teenagers go so far as taking long periods off of their academics just to recover from surgery such as a nose job, lip fillers, and even breast implants. Some surgeons worry that performing procedures as in plastic surgery is dangerous for a teen and his or her growing body. Dr. Asha Manaktala, says that there’s shouldn’t be a surgery performed unless it’s to correct impairments or traumatic injuries on teenagers. In some places such as Australia and Germany, they are debating whether or not they should band all except an absolute mandatory plastic surgery procedure for anyone under the age of eighteen. Manaktala also urges teenagers to nullify plastic surgery because of mental and physical development during the young years.

Plastic surgery has becomes so usual to society that even men that have looking in to having these surgeries have increased. Men just like women want to reconstruct and better their self-image. The most popular plastic surgeries for men are actually quite the same as what women get. They get liposuction with about 45,012 and counting procedures, male breast reduction with 31,368 and counting procedures, nose surgery with 26,205 and counting procedures, and the last but not least popular plastic surgeries for men are ear surgery with 10,457 and counting procedures. Basically everything that is available to women is now available to men in plastic or cosmetic surgery. This is due to the growth in society of being your own person, and expressing yourself however you want. As is men can be feminine just as in women can be masculine.

The cost of having plastic surgery is very costly and is almost always in the high thousands. The surgeries are so pricey because of the variety of expenses that is needed in order to have a successful procedure. When you pay for the surgery, it isn't just for whatever you want to have done. You would be paying for surgeon fees, the material (breast implants, etc.), operating room fee (rent), the anesthesia, any medications or compression devices that are needed post-surgical, and for any follow up appointments. Some examples of the price for some surgeries is having a facelift around the price of $12,125, Rhinoplasty (nose job) around the price of $7,475, eyelid surgery around the price of $4,650, Liposuction around the price of $6,025, and a Tummy tuck around the price of $8,150. Fortunately there are financial companies that will allow people to pay off the bill of the surgery overtime.

Have you ever wondered if plastic surgery can get out of hand ? Well it can, because people will go as far as getting plastic surgery to make themselves ‘stand out’. Some don't even want to stand out in a good way. Take Jasmine Jugs as an example, she got plastic surgery to “turn off guys”. Jasmine got a third breast implanted in between her natural breasts. She even went as far as getting a mini implant to make it look like her new breast had a nipple. In her case, she took plastic surgery to an extreme of wanting to look abnormal. There are many more people that have taken surgeries to an extreme but nowadays people can do whatever they want with their bodies.

In the past of plastic surgery, having a procedure done was more noticeable and obvious. Say you got yourself a facelift, it would be obvious to the public eye because your skin was so pulled back and made your eyes look as if you placed your pointer finger right underneath your brow and pulled back towards your hair. The majority of the facial surgeries were just taking excess skin no matter where it was on the face. There were very limited options back then because breast implants were just saline in a pouch which also was noticeable plastic surgery. They began to take excess skin from places of the body that had a lot and put in in places where it lacked skin. There has definitely been a big improvement in the techniques and in the tools they use to operate now. In the present day, it is hardly recognizable if you had surgery or not. There are more options and more surgeries that can be performed which is a vast improvement.

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