Why do People do Plastic Surgery?

The decision to have plastic surgery has recently attracted significant amount of attention. To have a better respond to the question above, let’s find out what exactly motivate people to practice plastic surgery? Today, beauty in America is defined by the magazines, the television, the music and social media. All those media portrait the perfect women as thin. People who do not have those looks find themselves inferior to those who have. Those people with different body image than what they social media portrait, most of the time, are victims of self-esteem, teasing, bullying, or body shaming, which can affect their emotional, social or psychological well-being. Therefore, it is not surprising that millions of people elect for cosmetic surgery just to be accepted by the society.

As we all know Doctors are meant to treat patient not only physically, but also emotionally, socially, and psychologically. If the only way for people to find peace with themselves, or to accept themselves is by having cosmetic surgery, Doctors who perform cosmetic surgery contributing to the welfare of people. 

Moving forwards, what exactly do we understand by ‘do no harm’. Do no harm means participating in the promotion of the health and welfare of the patient even if the patient gets harm. For example: if a 19-year-old gets into a car accident and injures the lower part of his leg and bleed severely. Once he gets to the hospital, amputation is the only way he can survive. The surgery of cutting the leg is harmful since it will hurt, and the patient will end up handicapped. Nevertheless, the surgery is necessary for the welfare or the survival of the patient. Going back to cosmetic surgery, even though the surgery is harmful to the patient, it contributes to his welfare and health. As we use the word health in the text, we mean emotional, or social or phycological health instead of physical health as most people will only think about.

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