Should a Nuclear Plant be Built?

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 Should a nuclear plant be built to be used in the City of Columbus?

    Currently Ohio has two nuclear power plants, both located along the shores of Lake Erie. However, both are subject to closure in the upcoming years. With the lingering possibility of these two plants closing there will be a dramatic and direct impact on Ohio’s energy landscape. Considering the possible closures, I believe it would not be smart to build a nuclear plant in the City of Columbus.

   One point for not building is the initial capital costs to build such plant, ranging anywhere from $6 billion to $9 billion. In addition to the costly project many plants would need funds from the government for subsidies, including loan guarantees, tax credits, and other forms of public support. This would potentially be an increase to taxpayers in these residing in these plant areas. One thought I developed while researching is the duration in which this increase would be forced on residents. Nuclear plants are environmental and financial disasters.

    Another reason is location. Currently, there is limited storage solutions for radioactive waste. These facilities are running out of storage space, so the nuclear industry is looking to other types of storage that are more costly and could be less safe. Because all nuclear plants in the US require large amount of space and water to operate, they must be built near a lake or a river, limiting the locations in Columbus.

   Another is because there are safety concerns that come with nuclear power, such as the possibility that the nuclear power plant could perhaps release radiation into the environment and could be targeted for a terrorist attacks. This plant could also cause health concerns to the residents in Columbus ohio. This can result in Alpha radiation causing the cells inside their bodies to absorb easily. The Beta and Gamma radiation is less dangerous and less likely to absorb cells inside the body unlike alpha but outside the body it can penetrate the skin and damage the cells inside.

   In conclusion the Nuclear Power Plant shouldn't be used in the City Of Columbus because it would have to be near water and there is already one located along the shores of Lake Erie. Also the cost of the plant is very costly so this would need funds from the government. Another reason is it isn't very healthy to the bodies of the people. The Nuclear Power Plant could also limit the storage of radioactive waste. 

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