Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Fuel Costs and Global Warming?

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“A cap and trade program would make it more expensive for companies to emit CO2, businesses would be more inclined to invest in clean energy, nonpolluting source of energy and profitable kind of energy” (Climate Change 3). The cap and trade program is a friendly solution to the problem of global warming. It is trying to reduce Carbon Dioxide emission by making companies stop using coal-fuel sources and want to start the nuclear power source which is profitable and nonpolluting. Nuclear power is a nuclear reaction used to generate electricity in a power plant turbine. The neutrons in the turbine are fired with incredible velocity and when the neutron splits the nucleus in half it will release large amounts of energy. Nuclear power is the solution to high fuel costs and global warming because it is efficient, does not emit Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and cheaper than a coal energy source.

People started worrying about the environment. Floods, Hurricane, Droughts, and Storm are increasing because of high CO2 in the atmosphere and the high temperature. CO2 is increasing mainly because of burning fossil fuel in factories. Energy sources which are using fossil fuel like coal emit a lot of CO2. So planting more nuclear power plants can be a solution for this because it doesn’t emit CO2. But nuclear power is expensive and still, US didn't find a solution for nuclear waste. Now the problem arise. 

Nuclear power is much too expensive and there is no solution to the increasing nuclear waste. The plant's original cost estimate was less than $1 billion for four reactors. Its eventual price tag in 1989 was nearly $9 billion, for only two reactors. It is expensive than the coal-fueled source. The wastes are stored in a containment. There is an accident happened on Chernobyl power plant because of the leakage in the waste containment leading to diseases and death. That disaster still affects new borning babies. It makes everyone more conscious of nuclear waste (Nuclear power - Fuel costs and global warming).

 Nuclear power have less radiation compared to other environmental and energy sources. It produces a large amount of electricity with less use of fossil fuel without destroying the environment and atmosphere. Nuclear power station supports thousands of jobs. Building a new plant requires more workers. Also, it saves $12 billion each year for energy costs. Because it is not expensive, it can provide energy to poor places. New advantages in reactor technology will make future nuclear reactors more powerful, more efficient and less wasteful  (Good 1).

Use of nuclear power is increasing. “Nuclear power facilities can produce energy at a 91% efficiency rate 24/7, with virtually zero carbon emissions” (Good 1). It generates heat and doesn’t produce air pollution while operating. It produces more energy. “Nuclear power avoid up to 174 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions and 9.5 million air pollution death” (Bailey 1). Unlike fossil fuel plants nuclear plants do not emit CO2, a greenhouse gas which causes global warming. It can produce more energy with fewer emissions.

The US find a solution to nuclear waste. “A company gate is working on a new type of reactor called a traveling-wave reactor, which is able to recycle used fuel, enabling it to run for 100 years without changing the fuel rods in every 18 to 24 months” (Nuclear power - Fuel costs and global warming 6). Used fuel is no more be stored in a containment anymore. “One-Third of the spent fuel is removed from the reactor and replaced with fresh uranium (good 1). New reactors could take spent fuel or weapon waste and use nearly all of it as fuel, leaving little waste.

Critics argue that nuclear power is not safe, and expensive but it is still considered by many to be the best way to meet the world’s energy needs.  “Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to potentially dangerous core meltdowns and containment breaches and are attractive targets for terrorist attacks” ( Nuclear power - Fuel costs and global warming 2). Nuclear power plants are not safe because even a speck of size of pinpoint could kill a person. Any leaks in the containment can lead to radiation sickness, cancer, and birth defects. Tons of nuclear waste is stored in containment and a leak in it is dangerous and can kill a person. It is easy for the terrorist to attack. “In France, Nuclear waste from nuclear power plants can be recycled as fuel and US is also using that method to reduce the waste” ( Nuclear power - Fuel costs and global warming 3). Recycle the fuel and use it for 100 years. The waste is highly radioactive and dangerous if not carefully handled.

Advances in nuclear power plants make it more powerful, efficient, less wasteful and safer than it used to be. Despite the concerns waste, safety, and cost, nuclear power is considered the best energy source. Building more nuclear power plants can reduce CO2 and fuel cost. Every country is producing nuclear power plants for a better environment and promised to reduce the amount of CO2 emission. If they not, global warming will increase, climate will change and earth has to face a lot of hurricanes, floods, and droughts.

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